1st Edition

Dam Maintenance and Rehabilitation Proceedings of the International Congress on Conservation and Rehabilitation of Dams, Madrid, 11-13 November 2002

    During the life of a dam, changes in safety standards, legislation and land use will inevitably occur, and functional deterioration may also appear. To meet these challenges, these Proceedings from a panel of international experts assess, define and re-evaluate the design criteria for the construction of dams and the many attendant issues in on-going maintenance and management. Authors include international specialists: academics, professionals and those in local government, utilities and suppliers.   Practitioners from these same fields will find the book a useful tool in acquiring a comprehensive knowledge of managing and retrofitting dams, so that they can continue to meet society's needs.

    1: Impedance of Conductors; 2: Heat Transfer in Electrical Components; 3: Selection of Conductor Sizes; 4: Transient Current Phenomena; 5: Effects of Short-Circuit Currents on Conductors; 6: Fixed Electrical Contacts and Joints; 7: Movable Contacts; 8: Interruption of DC and AC Circuits; 9: Magnets


    M. Cabrera