1st Edition

Dams and Dikes in Development Proceedings of the Symposium, World Water Day, 22 March 2001

Edited By H. van Duivendijk, B. Schultz, C.-J. van Westen Copyright 2002

    The Proceedings of the Symposium at World Water Day, 2001 presents a discussion of dams and dikes.  Various speakers considered the benefits and drawbacks of dams, and there was discussion about why it is that people are against dams in specific situations, and how such situations may be resolved.  Solutions are suggested to such controversies. These proceedings contain the full text of the presentations.  They will be a useful resource for decision-makers and planners of future projects. This work highlights the international nature of these important hydraulic engineering strucures and both their technology and social implications.

    Introduction, Dams and dikes - benefits, costs and option assessment, Dikes, dams and water management, Living with dams, Safe dams and dikes, how safe?, Dams and development: The report of the World Commission on Dams, ICOLD’s criteria applied to the southern delta area, Role of the consultants, Role of the consultants, List of contributors, Committees


    H. van Duivendijk, B. Schultz, C.-J. van Westen