1st Edition

Dams and Reservoirs under Changing Challenges

Edited By Anton J. Schleiss, Robert M. Boes Copyright 2011
    906 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    In the past, boundary conditions in the building of dams have changed, as technological developments have been influential on dam planning, construction, operation and maintenance processes. It is ICOLD’s mission to not only consider these developments but also adequately deal with environmental aspects and related infrastructure issues. Altered water cycles, more extreme weather conditions and an increasing number of natural hazards clearly affect the safe and economical operation of dams and reservoirs. Moreover, emission-free hydropower production as the most important form of “liquid” solar energy and the provision of water for irrigation and potable water supply is becoming more and more important to meet the world’s fast growing demand for energy and food in a sustainable way.

    Dams and Reservoirs Under Changing Challenges covers subjects ranging from dam engineering through the benefits and drawbacks of dams, including the latest developments dealing with dams and reservoirs under changing environmental and socioeconomic conditions. It is a valuable resource for professional and dam engineers, water manager, governmental organizations and commercial consultants responsible for dam design and management.

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    Theme A: Long-term behaviour of dams

    Ermenek HEPP—dam and reservoir behavior during impounding, E. Uzuceck, R. Kohler, J. Linortner & S. Guven

    A new approach for large structures monitoring: SCANSITES 3DR, H. Lancon & S. Piot

    Maintenance and operation of aged dams, Y. Kita, S. Ariga & M. Katayama

    Estimation of rockfill dam behavior during impounding by elasto-plastic model, N. Tomida, N. Sato, H. Soda, S. Jikan, K. Ohmori & H. Ohta

    The investigation method of hydroelectric facilities by using digital camera, S. Wada & Y. Kono

    Situation and developing trend of defective reservoir reinforcing technology in China, G. Dashui & T. Jiexiong

    Long term behavior of the concrete dams drainage system and ageing phenomena, D. Stematiu, R. Sarghiuta & A. Constantinescu

    Unpredictable behaviour of a large arch dam in South Africa, L.C. Hattingh & C. Oosthuizen

    Performance of a high rockfill dam during construction and first impounding—Nam Ngum 2 CFRD, S. Moll & R. Straubhaar

    Intensified monitoring of Emosson arch dam during construction of Nant de Drance pump storage scheme, H. Stahl

    Dam embankment deformation and face slab movement monitoring of Nam Ngum 2 concrete face rockfill dam, P. Khamwongkhong & W. Mairaing

    Analysis on the operating performance of Sanbanxi CFRD, Z. Xu, G. Deng & C. Zhao

    Numerical modelling investigation of an existing crack within an arch-gravity dam, A. Mellal, A. Koliji & M. Balissat

    Distributed fiber optic temperature measurements in embankment dams with central core—new benchmark for seepage monitoring, M. Aufleger, M. Goltz, J. Dornstadter & O. Mangarovski

    Performance of dams affected by expanding concrete, F. Amberg

    Warning systems—basic components of Hidroelectrica’s emergency management system, I.D. Iacob & D. Zachia

    A risk based approach to dam safety management in New South Wales, Australia, P. Heinrichs

    Dam safety in Slovakia, P. Panenka & A. Kasana

    Improvement of safety of Swiss dams on the basis of experience, H. Pougatsch, R.W. Muller, T. Sonderegger & A. Kobelt

    Concept of safety and safety requirements for dams, P.A. Zielinski

    Alkali-Silica Reaction in Japan, H. Koga, T. Hyakutake, H. Watanabe & T. Sakamoto

    Experimental study on the detection and inhibition of alkali aggregate reactivity for dam concrete, C. Zhiqing, L. Xingping, Y. Jie, L. Shisheng, W. Ling & L. Han

    Expanding concrete in dams—long term challenges, R. Charlwood & K. Scrivener

    Re-assessment and treatment-design of an ASR-affected gravity dam, R. Leroy, L.I. Boldea, J.-F. Seignol & B. Godart

    The integrity of old style post tensioned anchors in dams—a real dam safety issue, R. Herweynen

    Development of geomembrane systems for watertightness of dams in Europe, A.M. Scuero & G.L. Vaschetti

    Development of small hydropower plant utilizing pumped storage power plant’s dam, H. Watabe & N. Arai

    A study of the grouting at the bottom of the Yashio dam reservoir and the evaluation of the leakage by grouting, F. Kawashima, Y. Kimura & M. Nishigaki

    Filter design for the heightening of a high earth core rockfill dam, S. Messerklinger & R. Straubhaar

    Rock treatment around morning glory spillway of Sefidrud dam, A. Faghihimohaddess, R. Naghibian & A. Bashash

    Rehabilitation and upgrade of Giudea dam, G. Baldovin, E. Baldovin & G. Morelli

    Assessment of small gravity dam heightening, T. Hofmann, M. Wickenhauser & W. Gabl

    Deriner double curvature arch dam—foundation consolidation and curtain grouting, K.A. Ross & M. Kaleli

    Application of grouting technique for stabilization of coarse materials—Karkheh storage dam experience, Iran, M. Heidarzadeh, F. Eslamian & A. Mirghasemi

    Dam safety and operational efficiency improvements in Sri Lanka, A. Sorgenfrei & M. Friedrich

    Strengthening of Les Toules arch dam, A. Wohnlich & O. Muller

    Theme B: Dams and climate change

    Long-term behavior of the Yashio dam, asphalt faced rockfill dam, T. Tsukada, M. Doi, K. Yoshizawa & T. Kikuchi

    Some long-term problems associated with suffusion in the foundation of embankment dams, A. Soroush & P.T. Shourijeh

    RCC dams—is there a limit to the height?, M.R.H. Dunstan

    Numerical analysis of water reservoir dam—prediction of long term performance of Versetal dam (Germany), M.M. Zimmerer, T. Schanz, Y. Lins & V. Bettzieche

    Dam and hydropower in a changing world, J. Jia, J. Ma & C. Zheng

    Sedimentation of Polish reservoirs—characteristics and significance of the phenomenon and procedures of its control, A. Kosik, J. Kloze & A. Wita

    Innovative sediment handling to restore reservoir capacity, H. Schuttrumpf & M. Detering

    Sediment management strategies for sustainable reservoir, T. Sumi & S.A. Kantoush

    An experimental study on turbid water coagulation method using natural coagulant, H. Umino & N. Hakoishi

    Burrowing-type sediment removal suction pipe for a sediment supply from reservoirs, T. Sakurai & N. Hakoishi

    Upper Missouri River mainstream reservoirs: Sedimentation and sustainability issues, M.J. Teal

    Flood retention in alpine catchments equipped with complex hydropower schemes—a case study of the upper Aare catchment in Switzerland, M. Bieri, A.J. Schleiss, F. Jordan, A.U. Fankhauser & M.H. Ursin

    Controlled sediment flushing of Cancano reservoir, P. Espa, M.L. Brignoli, A. Previde Prato, E. Castelli, G. Crosa, G. Gentili & F. Bondiolotti

    Sediment bypass tunnel design—review and outlook, C. Auel & R.M. Boes

    Numerical simulation of flow and sedimentation transport in the early stage of the Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR), R. Huang, X. Zhang & Y. Huang

    Hybrid modeling of sediment management during drawdown of Räterichsboden reservoir, G. Möller, R.M. Boes, D. Theiner, A. Fankhauser, M. Daneshvari, G. De Cesare & A.J. Schleiss

    Aras transboundary river basin cooperation perspective, A. Heidari

    An example of sedimentation and proper management of flushing operation since 45 years: The Kashm El Girba reservoir on the Atbara river, C. Guilbaud, O. Cazaillet, P. Cochet & C. Odeyer

    Future glacier evolution and impact on the runoff regime in the catchments of Alpine reservoirs: The Aletsch area, Switzerland, D. Farinotti, A. Bauder, R.M. Boes, M. Huss, G. Jouvet & F. Widmer

    Decision Support System for the hydropower plants management: The MINERVE project, J.G. Hernández, A.J. Schleiss & J. Boillat

    Incorporating climate change scenarios into new operating rules for large reservoirs: A transnational assessment in the Meuse basin, B. Dewals, S. Detrembleur, P. Archambeau, S. Erpicum, M. Pirotton, G. Demny, T. Rose, C. Homann, J. Lange, N.P. Huber, M. Kufeld, B. Sinaba & H. Schüttrumpf

    The flexible flood control capacity exploration and its relevant extra benefit estimation of lower Jinsha River cascade reservoirs, J. Xu, J. Chen, Z. Yin & C. Yang

    Impact of climate change on the management of water resources in mountainous regions—case of the Lake Annecy basin in the French Alps, M. Cottet, C. Freissinet & B. Graff

    Optimized and adapted hydropower management considering glacier shrinkage scenarios in the Swiss Alps, S. Terrier, F. Jordan, A.J. Schleiss, W. Haeberli, C. Huggel & M. Künzler

    Future challenges for dams under climate change, D.-K. Koh & J.-H. Park

    Study on rational control model for excess flood by utilizing rainfall prediction, A. Yamamoto, S. Mitsuishi, T. Ozeki & T. Sumi

    Effective flood control through integrated and collaborative dam operation at three dams in the upper Nabari River, T. Matsumura, H. Kamiya & N. Yoshida

    Global warming and design flood: The case study of Bagatelle dam, Mauritius, S. Le Clerc & H. Garros-Berthet

    Study on the Pan-basin optimization of West route engineering of South-to-North water transfer, J. Zhang, S. Peng, Y. Wang & H. Wang

    Impact of climate change on hydro-energy systems: An overview, R.P. Brenner

    The Upper Paunglaung RCC dam—design and construction, U. Myint Zaw, U. Thaung Han, Ch. Rohrer & K.M. Steiger

    Theme C: Dams and natural hazards

    Damage to the Ishibuchi dam by the Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku earthquake in 2008 and seismic assessment, H. Yoshida, A. Nakamura, N. Matsumoto & T. Kasai

    Effects of vertical earthquake motions on deformation of Newmark sliding analysis, N. Matsumoto, T. Sasaki, K. Shimamoto, Y. Sugiura & H.Q. Zhao

    Earthquake-induced settlement analysis for rockfill dams using cumulative damage theory, Y. Yamaguchi, H. Satoh & K. Shimoyama

    Shaking table test of concrete dams with penetrated cracks and DEM analysis simulation, T. Iwashita, T. Kirinashizawa, Y. Yamaguchi, H. Kojima & Y. Fujitsuka

    Effects of the Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku earthquake in 2008, Japan, on a central clay core rockfill dam, T. Ohmachi & T. Tahara

    Seismic stability of a Peruvian tailings earth-rockfill dam with liquefiable foundation, M. Seid-Karbasi, H. Hawson & U. Atukorala

    Simplified methodology for estimating seismic coefficients for the pseudo-static slope stability analysis of earth dams, A.G. Papadimitriou, K.I. Andrianopoulos, G.D. Bouckovalas & K. Anastasopoulos

    Dam shape adaptation resulting from strong earthquake context, B. Tardieu, A. Si-Chaib, M. Marouk & M. Bibi

    Seismic safety of Chancy-Pougny dam, M. Ferriere, J.-P. Person, H. Charif, O. Vallotton, S. Rossier & P. Lestuzzi

    Behavior analysis of soil-structure interaction of a composite dam using geo-centrifuge test, J.Y. Lim & I.S. Ha

    Swiss expertise in North Africa focusing on flood protection, N. Nilipour & K. Essyad

    Risk assessment for the critical regimes of Chaira dam stilling basin, J. Tadjer & H.T. Falvey

    Design and hydraulic modelling of a fuse plug spillway, L. Schmocker, E. Ruhli, V. Weitbrecht, R.M. Boes, P.A. Mayor & S.M. Springman

    Inflow Design Flood and dam safety, P.A. Zielinski

    Combinations of earthquake and flood hazards together with other factors, D.N.D. Hartford

    Measures to reduce dynamic plunge pool pressures generated by a free jet, Th. Berchtold & M. Pfister

    Impulse waves at Kuhtai reservoir generated by avalanches and landslides, H. Fuchs, R.M. Boes & M. Pfister

    Numerical simulations of water waves due to landslides, Z. Jiang, J. Han & Z. Cheng

    Hazard and risk assessment of rock slide tsunamis in lakes and reservoirs, C. Harbitz, F. Lovholt, U. Domaas, S. Glimsdal & B. Romstad

    Characteristics study of Gorge reservoir landslide, X.L. Tang, X.L. Tang, D.Y. Liu & H.B. Feng

    Goescheneralp dam—impact of natural hazards on construction site and freeboard optimisation, T. Dietler

    Design and construction of asphalt facing in cold heavy snow region, S. Abe, H. Seto & H. Watanabe

    Theme D: Dams in a sound environment

    Identification of hazardous zones for development of tourism industry: A case study in Taleghan dam catchment area, N. Ahmadi & H. Ahmadi

    How to maintain the bad reputation of dam projects, R. Zwahlen

    Measures for vegetation restoration on modification sites at Takizawa dam, N. Takemoto, Y. Takahashi & M. Hirose

    Building dams in a sound environment: Development of La Romaine HEP, situated in Northern Quebec, Canada, B. Soucy, V. Alicescu & J.-P. Tournier

    Methodological approach and artificial intelligence application as a solution for environmental conflict related to large dams, S. Stevovic, M. Stamatovic & G. Ivanovic

    Introduction of cost-benefit evaluation of the environmental impacts and mitigation measures in hydropower production and water supply service sectors, A. Kryžanowski & M. Gorišek

    Environmentally rehabilitation of dam Bitdalen, A.M. Ruud & L. Lia

    The conservation measures on rare and endemic fish during the construction of cascaded hydropower projects in downstream of Jinsha River, X. Zhao, Z. Sun, Y. Chen, D. Wang & Y. Gao

    Application of MIKE 11 model in the prediction of water pollution accident in the Three Gorges Reservoir, Y. Fang & Y. Min

    Protection of the National Mayanghe Natural Reserve in development of Wujiang Penshui Hydropower Station, G. Jiang, H. Li & Y. Li

    Implement water diversion measures to ease the ecological water demand of the Yellow River Delta, X. Li, L. Sun & X. Meng

    Study on river ecological compensation of China, B. Ruan & Y. Fu

    Impacts of dam on Key Biodiversity Area in southwest China based on integrated map, L. Chong, P. Jing & W. Hao

    A model for the dry closure of tailings dams, J.L. Justo, P. Durand, M. Vázquez, A. Morales & F.A. Jiménez

    A holistic approach to reduce negative impacts of hydropeaking, W. Gostner, C. Lucarelli, D. Theiner, A. Kager, G. Premstaller & A.J. Schleiss

    The new Muttsee dam (Switzerland), F. Tognola & M. Balissat

    Post-audit of Alqueva reservoir’s water quality: Lessons learned with the comparison between forecast and reality, P.A. Diogo, A.C. Rodrigues, P.S. Coelho & M. Almeida

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