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Darwin and the Bible
The Cultural Confrontation

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ISBN 9780205509539
Published February 6, 2008 by Routledge
224 Pages

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Book Description

For courses in evolution, creationism or as a supplemental item in biology and/or biological anthropology courses.
Darwin and the Bible helps readers to understand the nature, history and passions behind the debate over scientific and religious versions of creation and human origins.

Darwin and the Bible: The Cultural Confrontation is about the history and nature of the disputes over human origins that arose with the publication of Charles Darwin’s book, Origin of Species in 1859.  The readings in the text provide the, historical, theological, social and political backgrounds of the debate.

Rather than trying to demonstrate the truth of Darwinian evolution, this book seeks to help the reader understand why the debate over Darwin and the Bible remains as contentious as ever.  The book seeks to examine why Darwin’s theory of evolution appears threatening to some people, and, likewise, to help understand why some scientists often react with such emotion to challenges to their views. The contributors include biological scientists, social scientists, social historians, and proponents of the importance of God, faith, and religion in peoples lives.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Brief History and Rationale for the Debate By Richard H. Robbins       
Part 1: Resolving the Debate  
The Need for Science; the Need for Faith--Separately  by Mark Nathan Cohen          
Creationism: A Distinctly American Violation of NOMA By Stephen Jay Gould
Creation Matters By Walter Hearn      
The Science of Evolution and the Theology of Creation By Martinez Hewlett and Ted Peters   
The Intelligent Design Controversy Summarized By Phillip E.  Johnson      
Part 2: Historical Markers and Impacts of the Debate
Intelligent Design and the Native’s Point of View (Assuming the Native is an Educated 18th Century European) by Jonathan Marks
William Jennings Bryan and the Trial of John T. Scopes By Richard H. Robbins 4
Postmodern Developments in the Debate  by Edward J. Larson
Darwin's Influence on Modern Thought by Ernst Mayr
Creationism Goes Global by Ronald Numbers 
Part 3: Dealing with the Debate in the Classroom  
The Problems and Challenges of Teaching Biology in the 21st Century by Steve Randak          
Turmoil by Laura Perras         
Conclusions  by Mark Nathan Cohen  

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Richard H. Robbins, State University of New York at Plattsburgh
Mark Na Cohen


“I find the style extremely engaging and the material presented to be extremely interesting.  This is the only book I’ve ever used that has prompted students to repeatedly comment on how much they’re learning.”
Thomas B. Stevenson, Ohio University, Zanesville

“The book is unique in its area.”
James Bearden, SUNY- Geneseo