Database Development and Management  book cover
1st Edition

Database Development and Management

Edited By

Lee Chao

ISBN 9780849333187
Published January 13, 2006 by Auerbach Publications
607 Pages 508 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Today's database professionals must understand how to apply database systems to business processes and how to develop database systems for both business intelligence and Web-based applications.

Database Development and Management explains all aspects of database design, access, implementation, application development, and management, as well as data analysis for business intelligence. This self-contained text gives students hands-on projects required for professionally developing and managing databases. It provides detailed instruction via an easy-to-follow, step-by-step case-based approach.

Following an introduction to database components, the book uses case studies to illustrate the modeling process, covers table structures and normalization, and analyzes the transformation of a data model to a relational database. It explains the use of SQL in managing database objects and in querying databases, then discusses Transact-SQL and the views, indexes, and cursors that bridge databases and their applications.

The book examines three major data-accessing techniques, and then shows how to develop sophisticated applications based upon the material included in previous chapters. It explores the use of databases in network environments, and details the multiple tasks handled by database administrators (DBAs).

The text also discusses the OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) system, data warehousing, and other analysis tools that support business intelligence and decision making. It concludes with a review of data mining.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Database Systems
Functions of a Database
Database Management System
Database Components
Database Development Process

Conceptual Design and Data Modeling
Introduction to Database Design Process
Understanding Business Process
Entity-Relationship Data Model
Representing Business Process with Entity-Relationship

Table Structure and Normalization
Introduction to Tables
Table Normalization

Transforming Data Models to Relational Databases .
DBMS Selection
Transforming Data Models to Relational Databases
Enforcing Constraints
Creating Database for Business Process

Physical Design and Database Implementation with
Physical Design
Creating, Controlling, and Modifying Database
Objects with SQL
Transporting Database Data

Querying Databases
Retrieving Data from Tables

SQL Procedures
SQL Programming Extension
Procedures and Functions
Debugging SQL Procedures

Database Views, Indexes, and Cursors
Creating and Managing Views
Creating and Managing Indexes
Creating and Managing Cursors
Case Study: Hillcrest Computing

Accessing Data
Database Accessing
Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
Object Linking and Embedding Database (OLE DB)
Active Data Object (ADO)

Database Application Development
Understanding Business Process
User Interface Design and Format
Creating Forms
Creating Reports

Network Databases
Client/Server Computing
Introduction to Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Developing Database Applications
with Visual Studio .NET
XML Web Services and InfoPath

Database Administration
Managing Database User Accounts and Security
Backing Up and Recovering Databases
Database Replication
Database Maintenance Plan

Data Analysis Services
Data Warehouse
OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP)

Data Mining
Data-Mining Process
Data-Mining Algorithms
Developing Data-Mining Models in SQL Server

Appendix A: Sample Databases
Student_Club Database
Hillcrest Computing Database

Appendix B: Installation of SQL Server
SQL Server Installation

Appendix C: Suggested Resources
Web Sites
Books and Articles

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