1st Edition

Death and Bereavement around the World Major Religious Traditions: Volume 1

By John D. Morgan, Pittu Laungani Copyright 2002

    The make-up of the contemporary nation-state is increasingly multiethnic and statistics show that in many cases no one group is numerically the largest. Interethnic relations are given global visibility by the media while much that happens among different groups depends on context. Editors John D. Morgan (King's College, London) and Pittu Laungani (South Bank and Manchester Universities, England) have gathered leading international authorities to produce Death and Bereavement Around the World the first of a five-volume presentation and analysis of the ways different peoples experience dying and grief. Effective bereavement care requires a knowledge of an individual's physical, social, educational, and spiritual existence since the expressions of grief and the needs that emerge vary widely from one to another and are subject to past experiences, cultural expectations, personal beliefs, and relationships. An individual's identity comes from a sense of personal uniqueness; solidarity with group ideals; continuity with the past, present and future; and from the culture by which an individual is raised or adopted. This first volume discusses the major religious traditions of the world and how they help followers deal with the fundamentals of life.

    General Introduction,  John D. Morgan and Pittu Laungani

    Introduction to the First Volume,  Brian Morgan

     CHAPTER 1
     Hindu Spirituality in Life, Death, and Bereavement,  Pittu Laungani

     CHAPTER 2
     Facing Life and Death: A Buddhist’s Understanding of Palliative Care and Bereavement,  Lesley Kawamura

     CHAPTER 3
     Death and Mourning: A Time for Weeping, A Time for Healing Judith Hauptman

     CHAPTER 4
     The Jewish Foundation to the Christian Belief in Resurrection,  Ronald T. Trojcak

     A Roman Catholic View of Death, Edward Jeremy Miller

     CHAPTER 6
     Greek Orthodox Understandings of Death: Implications for Living the Easter Faith,  John T. Chirban

     CHAPTER 7
     Spirituality, Protestantism, and Death,  Dennis Klass

     CHAPTER 8
     Dying and Grieving Ministry in Mennonite Churches  P. Albert Koop

     CHAPTER 9
     Islam  John D. Morgan

     CHAPTER 10
     North American Native Care of the Dying and the Grieving,  Gerry R. Cox

     CHAPTER 11
     The Wheel of Life: The Concept of Death and Bereavement in the Pagan Community,  Rev. Mia Reeves

     CHAPTER 12
     Some Concluding Observations,  John D. Morgan



    John D. Morgan, Pittu Layngani