1st Edition

Death and Dying Sociological Perspectives

By Gerry R. Cox, Neil Thompson Copyright 2021
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    Death and Dying is an important core text for students and professionals interested in developing a holistic understanding of death and dying.

    Chapters are replete with case studies, activities, key point boxes, and other features that enable readers to develop a sociologically informed understanding of the broad range of complex issues that underpin death and dying. Written by two established and highly respected experts in the field, it offers a thoroughgoing account of a wide range of social aspects of death and dying, filling gaps left by the traditionally narrow focus of the existing literature. By drawing the suggested sociological perspectives and highlighting the role of social policy, the authors put forward a fresh perspective of the field of thanatology.

    This book is a major contribution in progressing knowledge and understanding of dying and death for students and professionals in counseling, health and human services.

    1. Sociological Understandings of Death and Dying 2. Key Sociological Concepts 3. The Significance of Social Processes 4. The Role of Culture and Ethnicity 5. Social Policy 6. Religion and Spirituality 7. The Family Context 8. The Role of Community 9. Death and Education 10. Death and Dying in the Workplace 11. The Medicalization of Death 12. Sociological Perspectives on Disposal and Ritual 13. The Role of Humor, Music and the Arts 14. Recent and Emerging Trends Conclusion Appendix: Guide for Instructors References


    Gerry R. Cox is professor emeritus of sociology and archaeology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and former director of the Center for Death Education & Bioethics, USA.

    Neil Thompson is an independent writer, educator, and adviser based in Wales.

    "Against a backdrop in which psychology has dominated, Cox and Thompson have succeeded in restoring social explanations to the center of analysis. Engaging and clearsighted, this text offers the practical insight and applied focus provided by its integrated approach, where sociological perspectives and voices of those who provide compassionate care are brought to bear in aiding our understanding of death and dying. An indispensable resource for anyone wishing to gain greater insight into the implications of death and dying for the individual and society." Michael Brennan, PhD, associate professor of sociology, Liverpool Hope University, UK; editor of The A-Z of Death and Dying: Social, Medical, and Cultural Aspects

    "Death and Dying: Sociological Perspectives had me intrigued when I read its focus was ‘a critical analysis of enduring ideas, values and issues.’ What I discovered was the book I always wanted to read and furthermore to use as a text with students. What a gift to the reader!" Professor Inge Corless

    "This book combines an impressive scope with a detailed and accessible examination of key concepts. The book guides the reader through complex areas using practical examples, exercises to aid understanding and a helpful highlighting of key points. It will be a valuable resource for those familiar with the sociological approach and for those unfamiliar with this rich area of scholarship in relation to death and dying." Neil Small, professor of health research, University of Bradford, UK