1st Edition

Debating Counterforce A Conventional Approach In A Nuclear Age

By Charles-Philippe David Copyright 1987
    ISBN 9780367163471
    276 Pages
    Published November 23, 2020 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780367013608
    276 Pages
    Published May 23, 2019 by Routledge

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    This book examines the reasons counterforce has become widely accepted in U.S. nuclear weapons policies. It discusses the implications of adherence to the counterforce doctrine despite increasing popular support for avoiding nuclear war through deterrence and arms control. .

    Foreword -- Introduction: The Meaning of Nuclear Weapons Revisited -- The Ongoing Debate on the Nuclear Revolution -- Cultural Factors and Security: The Forgotten Dimension of Strategy -- The Nuclear Debate: ‘The Apocalyptics’ Versus ‘the Conventionalists’ -- The Uncertainties of Atomic International Relations -- The Nuclear Debate and the Evolution of the American Nuclear Doctrine -- Limited Nuclear War and the Wisdom of the Doctrine of Counterforce -- Introduction to Part 2: What Is Counterforce? -- Military Flexibility and Thermonuclear Destruction -- Defense Is the Stronger Form of Waging War -- The Politics of Counterforce -- Nuclear Decision-Making and the Fog of War -- The Counterforce Debate and the Problems of Soviet Nuclear Strategy and American Vulnerability -- Conclusion to Part 2: Counterforce and the Nuclear Revolution -- The American Style of Nuclear Strategy -- Features and Effects of the American Approach -- The Dynamics of the American Approach -- Has the American Approach ‘Conventionalized’ U.S. Nuclear Strategy? -- The American Strategic Style and Counterforce -- The Technical Approach and the Adoption of Counterforce (1974–1984) -- The Dynamics of Counterforce (1981–1984) -- Into the Second Reagan Administration (1985–1986) -- Conclusion: The Meaning of Nuclear Weapons Reassessed -- Appendix: System Change and Nuclear War

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