1st Edition

Decentralized Control and Filtering in Interconnected Dynamical Systems

By Magdi S. Mahmoud Copyright 2011
    618 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    618 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Based on the many approaches available for dealing with large-scale systems (LSS), Decentralized Control and Filtering in Interconnected Dynamical Systems supplies a rigorous framework for studying the analysis, stability, and control problems of LSS. Providing an overall assessment of LSS theories, it addresses model order reduction, parametric uncertainties, time delays, and control estimator gain perturbations.

    Taking readers on a guided tour through LSS, the book examines recent trends and approaches and reviews past methods and results from a contemporary perspective. It traces the progress of research along three eras:

    1. Fundamental era in which the basic conceptual frameworks, major ideas, and operational methodologies are laid down
    2. Contemporary era in which several of the workable methods and techniques are established and applied to many application areas
    3. Advanced era in which different high-level schemes and configurations are being developed to meet accelerated technological advancements

    Focusing on robust, reliable, and/or resilient decentralized design methods based on linear matrix inequalities framework, the author offers suggestions for improvements to current approaches. He addresses the dominating sources of difficulties due to dimensionality, information structure constraints, uncertainties, and time delays. Drawing attention to key issues, the text is supported by proofs, efficient computational methods, end-of-chapter problems, and approximately 1,300 equations.

    Notations and Symbols
    List of Acronyms

    Outline of the Book
    Some Notes

    Mathematical Foundations
    Basic Mathematical Concepts
    Calculus and Algebra of Matrices
    Directed Graphs
    Notes and References

    Historical Perspective and Scope
    Decomposition-Coordination Methods
    Multilevel Optimization of Nonlinear Systems
    Decentralized Nonlinear Systems
    Nominally Linear Systems—Continuous Case
    Linear Systems
    A Perturbational Approach
    Observation andEstimation
    Interconnected Discrete-Time Systems
    Feedback Control Design
    Problem Set I
    Notes and References

    Decentralized Servomechanism System
    A Class of Large-Scale Systems
    Decentralized Stabilization
    Illustrative Examples
    Decentralized Regulators
    Hierarchically Structured Servomechanism
    Problem Set II

    Overlapping Control
    Feedback Control Design
    LMI-Based Overlapping Control
    Application to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    Problem Set III

    Interconnected Time-Delay Systems
    Linear Interconnected Systems: Continuous-Time
    Nonlinear Interconnected Systems
    Interconnected Discrete-Time-Delay Systems
    Overlapping Control
    Problem Set IV
    Notes and References

    Decentralized Reliable Control
    Interconnected Continuous Systems
    Application to Multi-Area Power Systems
    Interconnected Discrete Delay Systems
    Reliable Control of Symmetric Composite Systems
    Problem Set V

    Decentralized Resilient Control
    Problem Statement
    Resilient Decentralized Stabilization
    Resilient Overlapping Control
    Resilient Stabilization for Discrete Systems
    Problem Set VI

    Decentralized Sliding-Mode Control
    Robust Sliding-Mode Control
    Delay-Dependent Sliding-Mode Control
    Problem Set VII

    Decentralized Filtering-I
    Problem Statement
    Robust Subsystem Filters
    Resilient Subsystem Filters
    Problem Set VIII

    Decentralized Filtering-II
    Decentralized Kalman Filtering
    Decentralized Fault Detection
    Problem Set IX.

    Processing Aspects
    Modeling and Analysis Aspects

    Stability Notions
    Basic Inequalities
    Linear Matrix Inequalities
    Some Continuous Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functionals
    Some Formulas on Matrix Inverses
    Some Discrete Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functionals
    Additional Inequalities


    Each chapter concludes with Notes and References


    Magdi S. Sadek Mahmoud earned his Ph.D. degree in systems engineering from Cairo University in 1974. He has been a professor of systems engineering since 1984. He is now on the faculty of KFUPM, Saudi Arabia. He worked at different universities worldwide in Egypt, Kuwait, UAE, UK, USA, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. He has given invited lectures in Venezuela, Germany, China, UK, and USA. He has been actively engaged in teaching and research in the development of modern methodologies of computer control, systems engineering, and information technology. He is the principal author of 11 books and 9 book chapters and the author/co-author of more than 450 peer-reviewed papers. He is the recipient of two national, one regional, and a university prize for outstanding research in engineering. He is a fellow of the IEE, a senior member of the IEEE and the CEI (UK), and a registered consultant engineer of information engineering and systems (Egypt).