1st Edition

Decentralized Music Exploring Blockchain for Artistic Research

Edited By Paulo de Assis, Adam Łukawski Copyright 2025
    210 Pages 2 Color & 12 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    210 Pages 2 Color & 12 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book offers a thorough exploration of the potential of blockchain and AI technologies to transform musical practices. Including contributions from leading researchers in music, arts, and technology, it addresses central notions of agency, authorship, ontology, provenance, and ownership in music. 


    Together, the chapters of this book, often navigating the intersections of post-digital and posthumanist thought, challenge conventional centralized mechanisms of music creation and dissemination, advocating for new forms of musical expression. 


    Stressing the need for the artistic community to engage with blockchain and AI, this volume is essential reading for artists, musicians, researchers, and policymakers curious to know more about the implications of these technologies for the future of music.



    List of Contributors



    Paulo de Assis and Adam Łukawski

    Blockchain for Artistic Research?


    Chapter 1.

    Paulo de Assis

    Rethinking Musical Objects in and for Blockchain Technologies: from the Work-concept to Hypermusic


    Chapter 2.

    Adam Łukawski

    Performative Transactions: Artistic Collaboration of Humans and AI Agents in Decentralized Creative Networks


    Chapter 3.

    Martin Zeilinger

    Integrating Generative AI and Blockchain Technologies to Create Musical Objects with Agency


    Chapter 4.

    Marcus O’Dair

    Valuing Web3 music: from NFT prices to the quadruple bottom line


    Chapter 5.

    Claudio J. Tessone

    From blockchains to NFTs: Decentralized (?) platforms for unique (?) content distribution


    Chapter 6.

    Diane Drubay

    Art, People, Museums, and the Promise of Blockchain


    Chapter 7.

    Catherine Mulligan

    Can't Knock the Hustle: NTFs, DAOs and Creativity


    Chapter 8.

    Kristof Timmerman

    Breaking the 5th wall. Stories happen through interaction. Interaction leads to experience.


    Chapter 9.

    Einar Torfi Einarsson

    Hypermusic Experiment 0.9: Modelling, Mapping, and Prototyping The Future


    Chapter 10.

    Kosmas Giannoutakis

    Decentralized transindividual collaborative experimental musicking





    Paulo de Assis is an artist researcher based at Orpheus Institute, operating at the intersection of music performance, composition, critical thought, and contemporary philosophy. Active as pianist, researcher, and author, he wrote Logic of Experimentation—Rethinking Music Performance through Artistic Research (Leuven 2018). Recent artistic-research projects include experimental performance practices on music by Beethoven, Schumann, Nietzsche, and Luigi Nono.


    Adam Łukawski is a pioneering music composer and computer programmer, innovating at the nexus of computer-assisted music composition and posthuman artistic research. His work, deeply engaged with aleatoric and generative methods, explores the integration of AI and blockchain technologies for creating novel compositional frameworks and enhancing musical interactivity.