1st Edition

Deciphering Carlo Ginzburg Form and Time

    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book offers an original reading of Carlo Ginzburg’s work, tracing his trajectory in the context of Italian microhistory, his debates on the objectivity of historical knowledge, and the connection of his work to the expanded perspectives constructed in recent decades by global history.

    Ginzburg's theories have achieved notoriety not only in the field of history, but also among the wider public. This volume uses Ginzburg’s own aesthetic and intellectual practices in its analysis, and it deciphers the elements that drove and influenced the making of his work. By highlighting the procedures that Ginzburg has constructed to respond to problems of cultural history, the book also pays close attention to Erich Auerbach and Aby Warburg, whose influences played a crucial role in reformulating Ginzburg’s conception of microhistory. From there, the volume demonstrates the radicality of Ginzburg's microhistory through the discussion of some of his most recent contributions to international historiographical debates.

    Thought-provoking and thoroughly researched, Deciphering Carlo Ginzburg is an innovative study in Ginzburg’s methods and theories.

    Introduction  Part 1 1. Mimetics: Between Philology and History  2. A Slave of the Thing Itself: In Defense of the Historian’s Métier  Part 2  3. In Search of Form: Nachleben, Pathosformeln and Logosformeln  4. Catabasis: Journey to the World of the Dead  Part 3  5. Micro-history and Global History  6. Perspectivism: Carlo Ginzburg’s History of the World  Final Considerations


    Deivy Ferreira Carneiro is a Full Professor at the Institute of History of the Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil. He is dedicated to research related to the history of crime and violence, as well as Italian microhistory. He is the author of several books, including Espaços, escalas e práticas sociais na micro-história Italian (2023).

    Daniel Rezende Berbert Dias is a self-taught historian specializing in the work of Erich Auerbach.