1st Edition

Deciphering the Global Its Scales, Spaces and Subjects

Edited By Saskia Sassen Copyright 2007
    378 Pages
    by Routledge

    378 Pages
    by Routledge

    Saskia Sassen is Ralph Lewis Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago and Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics.


    Introduction: Deciphering the Global

    Saskia Sassen

    Part One: Microspaces in Global Scalings

    Postindustrial Bohemia: Culture, Neighborhood, and the Global Economy

    Richard Lloyd

    Translocal Civilities: Chinese Modern Dance at Downtown Los Angeles Public Concerts

    Marina Peterson

    Re-Imagining Old Havana: World Heritage and the Production of Scale in Late Socialist Cuba

    Matthew J. Hill

    Becoming Global?: Evangelism and Transnational Practices in Russian Society

    Sarah Busse Spencer

    Deciphering the local in a global neoliberal age: Three favelas in São Paulo, Brazil

    Simone Buechler


    Part Two: Translocal Circuits and their Mobilities

    Locating Transnational Activists:

    The United States Anti-Apartheid Movement and the Confines of the National

    Evalyn W. Tennant

    Deciphering the Space and Scale of Global Nomadism: Subjectivity and Counterculture in a Global Age

    Anthony D’Andrea

    Outsourcing Difference: Expatriate Training and the Disciplining of Culture

    Heather Hindman

    Producing Global Economy from Below: Chinese Immigrant Transnational Entrepreneurship in Japan

    Gracia Liu Farrer

    The Sub-national Constitution of Global Financial Markets

    Rachel Harvey

    Part Three: Shifting Spaces and Subjects of the Political


    The City and the Self: The Emergence of New Political Subjects in London

    Anne Bartlett

    Ghetto Cosmopolitanism: Making Theory at the Margins

    Rami Nashashibi

    Deregulating Markets, Reregulating Crime: Extralegal Policing & the Penal State in Mexico

    Jennifer L. Johnson

    The Transnational Human Rights Movement and States of Emergency in Israel/Palestine

    Josh Kaplan

    Illegal Immigrants as Citizens in Malaysia

    Kamal Sadiq

    Global-National Interactions and Sovereign Debt Restructuring Outcomes

    Giselle Datz


    Saskia Sassen is Ralph Lewis Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago and Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics.

    "Globalization is not just about changing relations between the ‘inside’ of the nation-state and the ‘outside’ of the international system. It cuts across received categories, creating myriad multilayered intersections, overlapping playing fields, and actors skilled at working across these boundaries. People are at once rooted and rootless, local producers and global consumers, threatened in their identities yet continually remaking those identities. Deciphering the Global analyzes such complex worlds, looking not merely at ‘glocalization’ or ‘transnationalization’ but at the global macrocosm within the human—social, economic and political—microcosm."

    —Philip G. Cerny, Professor of Global Political Economy, Rutgers University

    "A rich collection of studies that surfaces the dynamic articulation of the global and the national. This book is an exciting expedition that establishes new theoretical and methodological beachheads in the study of globalization." 

    —Walden Bello, author of Deglobalization and 2003 recipient of the Right Livelihood Award


    "Sassen’s edited collection is a rich potpourri of highly readable, theoretically sophisticated and empirically fascinating accounts of partial processes and experiences of globalization."

    —Roger Keil, Director, The City Institute at York University and co-editor of The Global Cities Reader