1st Edition

Decision Making in the Workplace A Unified Perspective

Edited By Lee Roy Beach Copyright 1996
    ISBN 9780805819939
    224 Pages
    Published May 1, 1996 by Psychology Press

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    ISBN 9780805819922
    224 Pages
    Published June 1, 1996 by Psychology Press

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    Many, if not most, of one's important decisions are made in the context of one's work. However, because workplace decisions cover such a broad range of issues, it often is difficult to detect underlying commonalities in how they are made, and in how things go wrong when they do go wrong. As a result, there are nearly as many different descriptions of workplace decisions as there are decisions themselves. In this volume, the best features of these diverse descriptions are unified in a new, intuitively compelling view of decision making called "Image Theory." The result is a clear picture of real-life, day-to-day workplace decision making that allows us to think constructively about how such decisions are made and about how to improve them when improvement is necessary.

    Contents: Preface. L.R. Beach, T.R. Mitchell, Image Theory, The Unifying Perspective. L.R. Beach, R. Lipshitz, Why A New Perspective On Decision Making Is Needed. C.K. Stevens, L.R. Beach, Job Search and Job Selection. C.K. Stevens, Career Decisions. B.L. Bissell, L.R. Beach, Supervision and Job Satisfaction. T.W. Lee, Why Employees Quit. L.R. Beach, J.R. Frederickson, Audit Decisions. S.K. Asare, Screening of Clients by Audit Firms. K.A. Weatherly, L.R. Beach, Organizational Culture and Decision Making. K.R. Walsh, Mitigating Cultural Constraints On Group Decisions. L.R. Beach, H. Jungermann, E.E.J. De Bruyn, Imagination and Planning. C.P. Puto, S.E. Heckler, Designing Marketing Plans and Communication Strategies. K.A. Nelson, Consumer Decisions Involving Social Responsibility. K.J. Dunegan, Image Compatibility and Framing. T. Connolly, Image Theory and Workplace Decisions: Challenges.


    Beach, Lee Roy

    "The book consists of fifteen well-chosen and interesting chapters, all of which will stimulate thought, and perhaps even a response....It is readable; the author employs a matter-of-fact and direct style of address to communicate their work....they bring to their work a determination to be rigorous and methodologically kosher. They strive to ensure that no minor departures from orthodoxy of method of scholarship will allow nitpickers to impugn their work....In summary, buy it, read it and run experiments drawn from it."
    Journal of Behavioral Decision Making

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