1st Edition

Decoding Branding A Complete Guide to Building and Revamping Brands in the Age of Disruption

By Royce Yuen Copyright 2021
    258 Pages 80 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    258 Pages 80 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Decoding Branding explains the evolution of branding and how the disrupting factors like digital revolution, technological advancement, changing consumer behavior, and the COVID-19 pandemic have reshaped the marketing landscape. Fundamental principles of fostering strong brands are distilled with illustrations of case studies from various industries. A structured and holistic framework to building and revamping brands is clearly presented for corporations to remain competitive in this constantly changing operating environment. Interviews with branding experts and corporate leaders are featured at the end of each chapter to allow readers to obtain a complete appreciation of brand development from different perspectives.

    1 Welcome to the Age of "Disruption"; 2 Connecting a Disconnected World; 3 Essence of Branding; 4 The Rise of Disruptive Brands; 5 Branding Redefined; 6 The 10 Cs of Sustainable Branding; 7 From Micro to Macro Analysis; 8 From Staying in Tune to Staying in Touch; 9 From Customer to Competitive Analysis; 10 From Role to Customers to Role to Society; 11 The 4E Brand Management Process; Conclusion: The Magic and Logic of Branding; Appendix I – List of Key Branding Principles


    Royce Yuen is a marketing veteran and has more than thirty years of brand-building experience. He was formerly the Chairman of Ogilvy Southern China/Hong Kong and the HK4As. Royce is a Professor of Practice and has been lecturing on branding and communications for MBA programs across China and Hong Kong for more than two decades. Royce was awarded an Honorary University Fellowship by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, named Scholar Marketer by the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing, and appointed Justice of the Peace by the Government of the HKSAR. He serves on several advisory committees for the HKSAR and is an advisor to the Our Hong Kong Foundation.

    "In the age of disruption, particularly post COVID-19, many companies have to rethink their branding strategies. Royce Yuen’s Decoding Branding is a timely publication distilled from his 30 years of branding experience. It provides laser-shape insights on decoding, redefining, and sustaining branding. The book is a "must read" for marketing executives and brand managers who want to be leaders in their product/service categories."

    Prof. Bennett Yim, Area Head and Professor of Marketing. HKU Business School, The University of Hong Kong

    "Royce’s book shares with us the science of brand-building and revamping a brand in an artistical way. If you want to survive and thrive in the new normal era, read this book—it is like a lighthouse to guide ships drifting in the dark ocean of marketing."

    Prof. Wu Liu, Head of Department, Department of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    "Royce’s Decoding Branding offers great insights and practical guidance that we all need to excel in the age of disruption. I trust you will find it a fascinating reading and a very rewarding experience."

    Dr. Julia Wang, President, Peter F. Drucker Academy Hong Kong

    "With more than 30 years of solid experience in advertising and brand building, Dr. Royce Yuen has much to offer. Is advertising art or science? How can products, services, destinations, corporates, government departments, NGOs, CEOs and individuals benefit from marketing communication efforts in the digital era? Royce’s book is packed with wisdom from marketers, academics, and branding experts. It is professional, practical, and insightful. I highly recommend this book to communication students and practitioners engaging in brand building."

    Prof. Kara Chan, Associate Dean, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University

    "This book is a wake-up call for all marketing and branding practitioners in the Post-COVID-19 era. Observing a massive generalized disruption within the marketing and creative industries in recent years, Royce Yuen has devised a timely title - Decoding Branding. The book not only predicts a sea change in branding strategies but also shows the readers how to decode, redefine and reconstruct new concepts of branding in an era still. Embracing the digital economy, the book, full of real-life events describing the rise and fall of brands, is a wondrous eye-opener for any marketing executives who wish to understand and innovate brands for generations to come."

    Alexis Chiu, Chairman of HK4As, Group Managing Director of Saatchi & Saatchi HK

    "Professor Royce Yuen’s new book Decoding Branding comes timely to provide a comprehensive and practical guide as strong and solid core knowledge on marketing and branding to provide readers with new insights, may they be in business, corporate, NGOs and governments. For business and management learners, esp. in business schools and MBAs, this becomes handy for ideas and inspiration to help organizations for survival and charting new pathway for growth. Traditionally leaders, esp. in public and government settings, paid attention but less focus on marketing and branding. Now is the time for a revisit to nurture new thinking, esp. in products, services, values, and positioning, not the least attempts to set new standards."

    Eddie Ng, GBS, JP, Global Chairman, Sloane Global HR Group & Former Secretary for Education, HKSAR

    "In an age when the choices presented to consumers has exploded exponentially in both the online and offline mediums, the use of branding to define and differentiate products and services takes on new meaning and significance. Dr Royce Yuen in this book shares deep insights and thought leadership on brands and branding gained through a career working with some of the best-known brands in Asia."

    YK Pang, Deputy Managing Director of the Jardine Matheson Group

    "Decoding Branding has made important contributions to the domain of branding and marketing. It can serve as a base for robust academic discussion as well as a guidebook for building resilient brands in the rapidly changing business environment. It has contained almost every critical principle that you need to know about brand-building, substantiated by the successes and failures of numerous Asian and Global brands. Readers with different levels of involvement in marketing will find this book resourceful and thought-provoking."

    Prof. Andrew Chan, President and Vice-Chairman, Greater Bay Business School

    "Decoding Branding is an essential reading for business executives as the world moves in to the New Reality. It brings to bear all of Dr Royce Yuen’s expertise and experience on branding and gives clear insight on the changes to embrace."

    Andrew Weir, MBE, JP, Chairman, Plan International (HK), Chairman, Pacific Basin Economic Council

    "The rise of new technologies and the change of consumer decision making process have brought clear challenges to practitioners engaging in marketing and branding. Dr. Royce Yuen’s new book offers fresh insights on brand differentiation strategies as well as invaluable sharing on brand leaders’ views in the New Normal era. With fundamental principles explained, supported by practical case studies of renowned brands, Decoding Branding is a must-read for executives and brand managers."

    Dr. Szeto Wing Fu, Ricky, CEO & Executive Director, Hung Fook Tong Group Holdings Limited, Professor of Practice, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    "Royce Yuen’s Decoding Branding is a book that is both inspiring and practical, sharing expert analysis of branding in a spectrum of industries. Drawing on his extensive experience and passion about branding, he crafts the evolving dialogue of branding, particularly pertinent in an increasingly connected yet disruptive world. He demonstrates with sharp clarity why brand building and strategy will always continue to perpetuate and never end."

    Prof. Alison E. Lloyd, Associate Vice President, Hong Kong Baptist University

    "Management professionals, whether they run a business, a non-profit organization or a public service, know the power of branding. If they wish to inject more energy into their communications and tell their stories more effectively, they should read Decoding Branding, a seminal work written by a seasoned marketing and PR practitioner and teacher. They will find Royce Yuen’s book an essential aid in their endeavours to build a successful and sustainable enterprise in the 21st Century."

    Darwin Chen, Honorary Chairman, Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong

    "Wonderful to have Royce sharing his views on Branding. He is a top brand himself in this field!"

    Dr. Philip Chen, Chairman, HK Jockey Club