1st Edition

Deep Analysis The Clinical Study of an Individual Case

By Charles Berg Copyright 1950
    270 Pages
    by Routledge

    270 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1947, with a second edition in 1950, the original blurb reads: 'This is an illuminating description of a complete Freudian analysis of a single case. From the first interview to the last the reader’s attention is engrossed with the almost-normal personality of the individual who is being analysed. We see his thoughts, philosophy, and emotions gradually unfolding under the application of analytical technique (lightly explained in the second chapter), until – and this is where the book is such a tremendous advance upon the psychological novel – the very springs and mechanisms of his psychic pattern and emotional structure are abundantly and lucidly revealed. We see and understand the hidden depths of the nature of the human mind, and obtain introductory insight not only into normal mental functioning, but into almost all its psychopathic aberrations including frigidity, impotence, love, hate, hysteria, obsessions, and even paranoia and schizophrenia – all in minor degrees an integral part of normality.

    In spite of this the book is light reading and, though particularly instructive to doctor and professional psychologist, understandable to the average intelligent layman.'

    This book is a re-issue originally published in 1950. The language used is a reflection of its era and no offence is meant by the Publishers to any reader by this re-publication.

    Book One: Father  1. The First Interview  2. A Glimpse of Technique  3. The First Analytical Sessions  4. The Beginning of Transference  5. Regression to Infancy  6. The Father-Fixation: (Its Emergence and its Working Through)  7. The Almighty Father  8. The Homosexual Component and the Defences Against it – With the Hint of a Deeper Heterosexual Level  Book Two: Mother  9. The Emergence of the Mother-Fixation from Beneath the Father-Fixation  10. Father Gives Place to Mother  11. Heterosexual Anxiety and Resistance  12. The Problem of Anxiety  13. The Psychology of Accidents  14. Analysis and Money  15. The Self-Sufficiency of the Anal Character  16. Transference Resistance – A Session  17. The Mother-Image  Book Three: Son  18. The Climax  19. He has Prospects of Inheriting the Mother-Image  20. Analysis of the Transference  21. The Relief of Mother-Fixation  22. The Final Stage  23. Theoretical Review.  Glossary.  Index.


    Charles Berg (1892-1957)

    For the original publication:

    'Can be reccommended without hesitation as a most interesting and outstanding book on the subject of psycho-analysis.' – Medical Press

    'Presumes no technical acquaintance with the subject ... remarkably clear ... easily readable. There is no article or book we know of which puts on record quite so clearly how psycho-analytic interviews are conducted, and it can be warmly commended.' – The Practitioner

    'Dr Berg has done many of us a service by ringing up the curtain on the secret sessions of psycho-analysis. He does it cheerfully and competently, cleverly postponing his revelations, and presenting his tale with the skill of the natural story-teller.' – Lancet