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Deep Foundations on Bored and Auger Piles - BAP III

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ISBN 9789058090225
Published January 1, 1998 by CRC Press
538 Pages

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Book Description

This text presents findings from the 3rd International Geotechnical Seminar, held in Ghent, Belgium. Topics include: American experiences with large diameter bored piles; case histories; static, dynamic and pile integrity testing; and installation parameters and capacity of screwed piles.

Table of Contents

Preface -- Theme lecture: 1 American experiences with large diameter bored piles -- Applications of large-diameter bored piles in the United States /M.W.O’Neill -- Theme lecture: 2 Developments in horizontal capacity estimation of bored piles -- Developments in analysis of horizontal capacity of bored piles /L.C.Reese, W.M.Isenhower & S.-T.Wang -- Theme lecture: 3 Case histories -- Energy piles and diaphragm walls for heat transfer from and into the ground /H. Brandi -- Theme lecture: 4 Static, dynamic and pile integrity testing -- Design of axially loaded bored piles - European codes, practice and experience /F.De Cock -- Theme lecture: 5 Pile group and pile raft behaviour -- Pile groups and piled rafts behaviour /C.Viggiani -- Theme lecture: 6 Installation parameters and capacity of screwed piles -- Installation parameters and capacity of screwed piles /M.Bustamante & LGianeselli -- Discussion sessions I and 2 linked to Theme lectures 1 and 2 -- Side-wall stability and side-shear resistance in bored piles constructed with high-molecular-weight polymer slurry /A.A.Ata & M.W.O'Neill -- Performance of polymer slurries in large diameter bored pile /M.Bustamante, LGianeselli, R.Boato & AConedera -- Large diameter slurry bored piles in tension /C.E.Ho, C.H.Lim & C.G.Tan -- Lateral loading tests on bored piles in cemented sands /N.F. Ismael -- Investigation of the behavior of pile foundation undergone cyclic lateral loading by three-dimensional finite element analysis (DGPILE-3D) /M.Kimura, F.Zhang & T.Inoue -- Lateral split socket test in Franconia sandstone /R. E. Majano, M. W. O’Neill & G. Person -- Pile foundation on gypsiferous marls for a 331 m. long bridge /A.Serrano, E. Dapena & J. M. Villar -- Experimental research on bearing capacity of belled piles /Shi Feng, Liu Chun & Cai Laibing -- Effect of construction time and bentonite viscosity on shaft capacity of bored piles /N.Thasnanipan, G.Baskaran & M.A Anwar -- Discussion session 3 linked to Theme lectures 4 and 5 -- Recent advances in ultrasonic pile testing /E. I.Amir & J. M.Amir -- Load testing at Feluy test site: Introducing the Omega B+ pile /M.J.Bottiau, I.AMeyus, P.O. Van Impe & G.Russo -- Axial load test at failure on a large diameter, instrumented, bored pile /E. Cabella, M. Lupo & R. Passalacqua -- Integrity non destructive tests of deep foundations by means of sonic methods - Analysis of the results collected on 37 sites in Jtaly /D. Faiella & S. Superbo -- Soil-structure-interaction of a piled raft foundation of a 121 m high office building on loose sand in Berlin /R.Katzenbach, U.Arslan & O.Reul -- Group-efficiency of a large pile group in rock /R.Katzenbach, U.Arslan & J.Holzhauser -- Development and application of analytical technique for damage investigation of foundation piles by sonic integrity test /T.Matsui, ANanjo, F.Yasuda, Y.Nakata & K.Imada -- A new approach on the lateral bored pile group effect /N. Radulescu -- Integrity evaluation of Geopier intermediate foundations /M. R. Svinkin & N. S. Fox -- Vertical load bearing behavior of bored pre-cast concrete piles /H.Tanahashi -- Statnamic testing of bored piles socketed into siltstone /S. Tchepak & M. C. Chin -- Reuse of existing piles and underground structures in reconstruction of a building /Y.Tsubakihara, K.Yamashita, M.Kibayashi & T.Kawano -- Experiences with CFA pile type under an existing building /W.F. Van Impe, K.Verstraeten & P.O. Van Impe -- The pile testing in Fuzhou International Airport /Xi-an Liu -- Discussion session 4: Standard and codes related to bored and auger piles -- Field tests of shaft resistance of bored piles /K.Gwizdaia & ATejchman -- Statistical analysis on shaft friction of vertically loaded bored piles /F.Kuwabara & M.Tanaka -- The new European Standard EN 1536 “Execution of bored piles” /W.-R.Linder & H.-H.Siebke -- The safety requirement concept of large diameter bored in clay related to engineering practice /A X.Tavares -- Discussion session 5: Dynamic versus static pile testing for bored and auger piles -- Quality control of CFA piles by low-strain and high-strain dynamic testing /P. Berzi, R. Skov <& J. Lorincz -- Variable energy dynamic load test on a 1.0 m diameter CFA pile /L. G.de Mello & S. C. Par also -- The performance of large diameter bored piles used for a road project in Malaysia /A.Jamaludin & AN.Hussein -- The design and performance of bored piles in shales for the Australia Stadium project /S.Tchepak -- The performance of CFA piles in residual clays /S.Tchepak -- Load-settlement behaviour versus distinctive Q-pile execution parameters /W. F. Van Impe, C. Viggiani, P. O. Van Impe, G. Russo & M. Bottiau -- Discussion session 6 linked to Theme lecture 6 -- Influence of non-linear behaviour of soils on the performance of bored piles /R.Berardi -- Backanalyses of elastic parameters from piles executed in a tropical porous clay /R.RCunha &E.N.RPerez -- Consolidation around piles /E.lmre & P.Rozsa -- Effects of repeated stress on soil behavior at cast-in-place pile toe /M.Kondou, S.Nishiyama & F.Okumura -- Foundation of four 80.000 m3 crude oil tanks with 800 mm CFA piles /J.Lorincz, G.Madar & M.Bodi -- Interaction effects in load testing on piles /A. Mandolini & M.Ramondini -- Soil parameters relevant to screw pile research testing at Feluy test site /H. Peiffer, W. F. Van Impe, P. O. Van Impe & W. Haegeman -- Estimation of pile bearing capacity of cast-in-place screwed piles /V.Rizkallah & T. Bruns -- Discussion session 7; Pile group - Structure interaction -- Non-linear analysis of vertically loaded pile groups /F.Basile -- Field load tests of piled footings founded on a tropical porous clay /R. P. Cunha & M. M. Sales -- Design and safety concept for piled raft foundations /R.Katzenbach, U.Arslan & Chr.Moormann -- Estimation of ultimate bearing capacity for bulging failure of granular compaction group piles /H.-T.Kim, I.-K.Kang, Y.-I.Koh &J.-S.Hwang -- Simplified method for analysing piled raft foundations /K.Yamashita, T.Yamada & M.Kakurai -- Discussion session 8: Large diameter bored piles - Performance versus design -- Base deformations calculation of bored pile foundations with widenings /S. M. Aleynikov -- Augered pressure grouted piles for difficult conditions - A case history /M. Durrani -- A contribution to the analysis of negative skin friction on piles /G.B.Fenelli & G. Russo -- Shear load transfer characteristics of drilled shafts in weathered rocks /S.I.Kim, SS.Jeong & S.H.Cho -- Load displacement performance of bored piles in weak rock /J.R Seidel, C.M. Haberfield & S. Bay can -- Discussion on the sudden failure mechanism of long rock-socketed bored pile /Shu Xiang & Chen Zhuchang -- Large diameter bored piles in multi-layered soils of Bangkok /N.Thasnanipan, P.Tanseng & M.A Anwar -- Performance of bored piles in Lignite /W.J.vanNiekerk, J.W.Rosingh & J.Y.Tonnisen -- Author index.

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Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, Ghent University; Belgium. Laboratory of Soil Mechanics, Ghent University; Belgium.