1st Edition

Deep Foundations on Bored and Auger Piles - BAP V 5th International Symposium on Deep Foundations on Bored and Auger Piles (BAP V), 8-10 September 2008, Ghent, Belgium, Book + CD-ROM

Edited By William F. Van Impe, Peter van Impe Copyright 2008

    Although progressing very well over the last years, the design criteria for bored and auger piles are still not fully under control and in acceptable synergism with the real pile foundation behaviour. Although there has been a lot of research in the past years  worldwide on deep foundation engineering, the strong and competitive market has absolutely favorized the ingenuity of the contractor’s world. A striking example of this is of such developments linked ideas on energy piles; one of the key topics in this book. This book presents the current status of screw or bore pile-soil interaction findings and developments.

    Special lecture: Geotechnical engineering issues related to the Messina Strait Crossing
    Keynote 1: Pile design developments - Sense and sensitivity of pile load-deformation behaviour
    Keynote 2: Bored pile foundations in offshore conditions - Bored pile foundations in offshore conditions
    Keynote 3: Bored and auger pile testing developments - Relationships between axial capacity and CPT qc for bored piles in sand
    Keynote 4: Energy pile concepts - Energy piles concepts


    Session 1: Pile design development & codes

    • Report of discussion session 1, on pile design development and codes
    • Pile developments
    • The assessment of load-settlement curve for Atlas piles correlated with CPT tests
    • A post-analysis of a large piled raft foundation constructed using reverse construction method
    • The DMT as tool for the monitoring of the effect of pile installation on the stress state in the soil
    • Simulation of the performance and remediation of imperfect pile groups
    • Ultimate lateral load resistance of laterally loaded pile
    • A Study of end-bearing capacity mechanism of steel spiral pile
    • Urban renovation of the new marina in Rimini: Displacement piles as soil improvement and settlement reduction for the construction of a new dwelling and business centre
    • Re-design based on CPTs performed after pile installation
    • Recent case histories on monitoring settlement and load sharing of piled rafts in Japan

    Session 2: Pile testing development

    • Behavior of continuous flight auger piles subjected to uplift load tests in unsaturated diabasic soil
    • Comparison of behaviour of CFA piles in London clay as determined by static, dynamic and rapid testing methods
    • Instrumented large diameter bored piles
    • Comparison between Osterberg and Statnamic load test on large diameter drilled piles
    • Review of methods of analysis of test results from bi-directional static load tests
    • Physical modelling of piled raft
    • Some new insights with regard to load distribution in piles, based on a detailed interpretation of a large number of instrumented pile load tests
    • Field tests with drilled shafts in tension in frictional soil
    • Bi-directional instrumented load test of a pile bored in Guinea Bissau


    William F. Van Impe, Peter van Impe