1st Edition

Deeper Than Darwin
The Prospect For Religion In The Age Of Evolution

ISBN 9780813341996
Published August 27, 2004 by Routledge
232 Pages

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Book Description

In his acclaimed book God After Darwin, John Haught argued that religious belief is wholly compatible with evolutionary biology. Now, in Deeper Than Darwin, he advances his argument further by saying that religious belief is even more revealing about life than Darwinism. Haught looks hard at the question of how, after Darwin, religions may plausibly claim to be bearers of truth and not just of meaning and adaptive consolation. While he assumes the fundamental correctness of evolutionary biology, he firmly rejects the non-scientific belief that evolutionary biology amounts to an adequate explanation of living phenomena. Even though Darwinism is illuminating, Haught argues, it by no means tells us everything we need to know about life, even in principle. To find the deepest, though certainly not the clearest, understandings of life and the universe, we may still profitably consult the religions of the world. Deeper Than Darwin takes up where God After Darwin left off, arguing that Darwin's vision is important and essentially correct but that we can still dig deeper in our understanding of what is going on in the life-story.

Table of Contents

* 1 Religion and Darwins Truth * 2 A Reading Problem * 3 The Depth of Nature * 4 Deeper Than Despair * 5 Beneath Evolution * 6 Deeper Than Dawkins * 7 Deeper Than Design * 8 Religion and Deep Darwinism * 9 Truth After Darwin * 10 Darwin and the Deities * 11 Deeper Than Death * 12 A Deeper Theology * 13 Darwin, God and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

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