1st Edition

Defending Europe Options for Security

Edited By Derek Paul Copyright 1985
    ISBN 9780367566852
    374 Pages
    Published June 15, 2022 by Routledge

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    This book, first published in 1985, examines the questions of European security that lie at the heart of the confrontation between the superpowers. It concentrates on ways of achieving defence by conventional means rather than a reliance on nuclear or chemical weapons, and at the same time focuses on possible force reductions.

    Introduction: Political Background R.B. Byers  Part 1. Confrontation and Armaments  1. The Role of New Technologies and Follow-On Forces Attack in NATO Strategy Fen Hampson  2. Impact of the Development of Modern Arms Technology on the Confrontation in Europe and the Relationship Between Conventional and Nuclear defence Vassily Dmitrievich Grishayev  Part 2. NATO: Current Policies and Trends  3. European Defence, and Old Look and a New Look at Directions that NATO Might Take Karsten Voigt  4. Canada and Nato: What Price Symbolism? Leonard V. Johnson  Part 3. MBFR, Verification and Confidence Building  5. Eleven Years of the Vienna Talks Vladimir Mikhailovich Bashakov  6. MBFR: Past and Future Jonathan Dean  7. MBFR: Problems and Opportunities John D. Toogood  8. Taking a look at NATO’s MBFR Reductions Luc DeSmet  9. A Demilitarized Region for Central Europe and the Formation of a Verification Peace Force Arnold Simoni  10. Confidence- and Security-Building Measures Adam Daniel Rotfield  Part 4. Alternative Security  11. Alternative Designs of European Security, the Palme Commission Report and the Conventionalization of Forces Ulrich Albrecht  Part 5. Non-Provocative Europe  12. Non-Offensive Defence in Europe Anders Boserup  13. Non-Provocative Defence and Disengagement Zones Alvin M. Saperstein  14. Non-Nuclear Defence for Europe Frank Barnaby  Part 6. Decision-Making  15. Decision Making in NATO Maurice Archdeacon and Robert Falls  Part 7. An Abolitionist’s View and a Round Table Discussion  16. Whose Security Does Defence Defend? Anatol Rapoport


    Derek Paul

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