1st Edition

Defining Public Administration Selections from the International Encyclopedia of Public Policy and Administration

By Jay M. Shafritz, Jr. Copyright 2000
    464 Pages
    by Routledge

    467 Pages
    by Routledge

    This anthology, Defining Public Administration, is designed to assist beginning and intermediate level students of public policy, and to stir the imaginations of readers concerned with public policy and administration. The forty-five articles included in the text are all reprinted from the International Encyclopedia of Public Policy and Administration, and these accessible, interesting articles have been assembled to offer a sample of the riches to be found within the larger work. The articles provide definitions of the vocabulary of public policy and administration as it is used throughout the world-from the smallest towns, to the largest national bureaucracies. Defining Public Administration is organized into twelve parts. Each part focuses on a domain pertinent to the study of public administration, including overviews, policy making, intergovernmental relations, bureaucracy, organization behavior, public management, strategic management, performance management, human resource management, financial management, auditing and accountability, and ethics.

    * Preface Part 1: Overviews of Public Administration * Public Administration Frank Marini * American Administrative Tradition Nicholas Henry * Feminist Theory Of Public Administration Camilla Stivers Part 2: Policy Making * Policy William H. Park * Policy Leadership Jeffrey S. Luke * Policy Network Charles J. Fox and Hugh T. Miller * Rule Cornelius M. Kerwin Part 3: Intergovernmental Relations * Intergovernmental Relations Dale Krane and Deil S. Wright * Mandates Jeffrey D. Straussman * Government Corporation Jerry Mitchell Part 4: Bureaucracy * Bureaucracy Ralph P. Hummel * Bureaucrat Bashing Charles T. Goodsell * Bureaupathology Ruth Hoogland DeHoog Part 5: Organization Behavior * Organizational Culture Dvora Yanow and Guy B. Adams * Groupthink Robert T. Golembiewski * Miles's Law Jeffery K. Guiler * Parkinson's Law Peter Foot * Peter Principle Susan C. Paddock Part 6: Public Management * Public Management Mary E. Guy * Scientific Management Judith A. Merkle * Management Science Dorothy Olshfski and Michele Collins * Entrepreneurial Public Administration Carl J. Bellone Part 7: Strategic Management * Leadership Frederick W. Gibson and Fred E. Fiedler * Strategic Planning John M. Bryson * Mission Statement Kevin P. Kearns Part 8: Performance Management * Productivity Marc Holzer * Reengineering Albert C. Hyde * Quality Circles Ann-Marie Rizzo * Public Enterprise Roger Wettenhall Part 9: Human Resources Management * Public Personnel Administration Ronald D. Sylvia * Mentoring Steven W. Hays * Pay-For-Performance Dennis M. Daley * Workforce Diversity Donald E. Klingner * Glass Ceiling Katherine C. Naff Part 10: Financial Management * Financial Administration John L. Mikesell * Congressional Budget Process Philip G. Joyce * Target-based Budgeting Irene S. Rubin Part 11: Auditing and Accountability * Audit Ira Sharkansky * Accountability Barbara S. Romzek and Melvin J. Dubnick * Stewardship Douglas F. Morgan Part 12: Ethics * Administrative Morality Willa Marie Bruce * Standards of Conduct April Hejka-Ekins * Regime Values John A. Rohr * Lying With Statistics Claire Felbinger * Whistleblower Deborah D. Goldman and David H. Rosenbloom * Appendix * Index


    Jay M Shafritz, Jr