Degradable Materials : Perspectives, Issues, and Opportunities book cover
1st Edition

Degradable Materials
Perspectives, Issues, and Opportunities

ISBN 9781315892221
Published November 29, 2017 by CRC Press
773 Pages

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Book Description

This book addresses the fields of biodegradation, environmental degradation, and photochemical degradation. The purpose of the book is to establish guidelines for terminology, nomenclature, characterization techniques and methodology, mechanisms of degradation, standard reference materials, and issues and needs. This is the first scientific book of this nature based on the findings of the world's leading scientists (academic, industrial, and federal) in this field. Hard data is presented and soft data is identified under issues and needs. New areas covered are such topics as: biodegradation with in vivo applications, environmental degradation, including anaerobic, aerobic, characterization techniques and methodology, photochemical degradation, and secondary issues associated with degradation. This publication contains information vital to environmental scientists and engineers, biomaterials scientists, pharmaceutical technologists, and chemists.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2. Degradation of Polymeric Biomaterials with Respect to Temporary Therapeutic Applications- Tricks and Treats 3. PHBV Biodegradable Polyester 4. Photodegradable Plastics 5. Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Based Biodegradable Polymers poly and Polydepsipeptides 6. Photo-Biodegradation of Plastics- a System Approach to Plastic Waste and Litter 7. Photodegradative Additives 8. Photodegradable Plastics in Agriculture 9. Degradation Studies of Polyolefins 10. Modified Starch Based Environmentally Degradable Plastics 11. Biodegradation and Test Methods for Environmental and Biomedical Applications of Polymers 12. Long Term in Vitro Enzymatic Biodegradation of Pellethane 2363-80A- a Mechanical Property Study 13. The Role of Active Species Within Tissue in Degradation Process 14. Evaluating Biodegradable Plastics with in Vitro Enzyme Assays- Additives which Accelerate the Rate of Biodegradation 15. Plastics Degradation and Recycling Through Selective Solubility 16. Biodegradation of a Poly Epineural Tubulisation Device 17. Studies on the Environmental Degradation of Starch-Based Plastics 18. Preliminary Results of Screening Studies on Effectiveness of Cerium Salts in Accelerating Photo Degradability of Thermoplastics 19. Biodegradation of Poly beta-hydroxyalkanoates 20. Degradation Mechanisms in Polyethylene � Starch Blends 21. Design of Polyester Based Biodegradable Materials 22. Effects of Photo Degradants on the Environmental Fate of Linear Low Density Polyethylene 23. The Evaluation of Degradation Rates in Photodegradable Ecolyte 24. The Outlook for Environmentally Degradable Plastics 25. Non-Enzymatic Polymer surface erosion

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