1st Edition

Degradable Polymers, Recycling, and Plastics Waste Management

By Albertsson Copyright 1995
    336 Pages
    by CRC Press

    340 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Based on the International Workshop on Controlled Life-Cycle of Polymeric Materials held in Stockholm, this work examines degradable polymers and the recycling of plastic materials. It highlights recent results on recycling and waste management, including topics such as renewable resources, degradation, processing and products, and environmental issues.

    Polymer waste management-biodegradation, incineration, and recycling; degradation products in degradable polymers; recycling BIOPOL-composting and material recycling; laboratory-scale composting test methods to determine polymer biodegradability - model studies on cellulose acetate; applications and environmental aspects of chitin and chitosan; opportunities for environmentally degradable polymers; use of biosynthetic, biodegradable thermoplastics and elastomers from renewable resources - the pros and cons; biodegradation of polymers at temperatures up to 130 C; blends of bacterial poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) with cellulose acetate butyrate in activated sludge; biodegradation of cellulose esters - composting of cellulose ester-diluent mixtures; source of maintenance of microorganisms used for testing plastics; a comparative study of the degradability and recyclability of different classes of degradable polyethylene; can polyethylene be a photo(bio)degradable synthetic polymer?; biodegradable polyurethanes from plant components; starch properties, modifications, and applications; molecular weight of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) during biological polymerization in alcaliqenes eutrophus; biodegradable blends of cellulose acetate and starch - production and properties; present and future of PLA polymers; synthesis of potentially biodegradable polymers; aerobic biodegradation of synthetic and natural polymeric materials - a component of integrated solid-waste management; synthesis and applications of photodegradable poly (ethylene terephthalate); proposed mechanism for microbial degradation of polyacrylate; compostable films of mater-Bi Z grades; biodegradation of poly-D, L-Lactic acid polyurethanes; biodegradation of polyester copolymers containing aromatic compounds. (Part Contents).