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    Gilles Deleuze has produced some of the most important--and most formidable--theory on cinema to appear in the last half-century. Deleuze on Cinema provides a thorough and reliable guide to Deleuze's thought on the art of film, elucidating in clear language the shape and thrust of Deleuze's arguments found in his influential books on cinema.

    List of Abbreviations Introduction 1. Bergson and Cinema Deleuze's Bergson Three Bergsonian Theses on Movement Image, Movement, Matter, Light The Three Movement-Images 2. Frame, Shot and Montage Frame and Shot Montage: Organic and Dialectic Montage: Quantitative and Intensive 3. Eighteen Signs (More or Less) Pierce and Signs The Perception-Image The Affection-Image The Impulse-Image The Action-Image The Reflection-Image The Relation-Image 4. Hyalosigns: Crystals of Time Opsigns Mnemosigns and Onirosigns Hyalosigns Crystalline States 5. Chronosigns: The Order of Time and Time as Series Sheets of the Past, Peaks of the Present Robbe-Grillet, Welles and Resnais Powers of the False Rouch's Ethnofictions Bodies and Categories 6. Noosigns and Lectosigns: Images and Thought, Sight and Sound The Classic Image of Thought The Thought of the Outside The Spiritual Automaton Silent and Audible Lectosigns The Modern Lectosign A Note on Cinema, Theater and Television Conclusion Works Cited


    Ronald Bogue

    "An extremely lucid and nearly seamless analysis of both of Deleuze's cinema books." -- Charles Stivale, Wayne State University
    "After these books are published, there will be no need for anyone else to write a how-to-understand-Deleuze book. The clarity of the prose, the careful explanation of each difficult and important concept, and the lack of any jargon whatsoever make this the definitive commentary on Deleuze." -- Dorothea Olkowski, University of Colorado
    "...the first and best exegesis in English of Cinema 1 and Cinema 2." -- Tom Conley, Harvard University