1st Edition

Dementia Care A Practical Approach

Edited By Grahame Smith Copyright 2016

    Dementia is both a personal and a societal challenge. The goal of Dementia Care: A Practical Approach is to focus on how practitioners can meet this challenge with hope and compassion, thereby enabling those with dementia to live well.

    The book takes a ‘strengths approach’ with an emphasis on exploring sustainable strategies. Its content is underpinned by relevant policies and strategies and explicitly links to research evidence while always valuing the voices of those living with dementia.

    Covering various dementia strategies, the book provides a clear vision of dementia care delivery and is mapped to the Curriculum for UK Dementia Education. For health care students, the content is also mapped to the requirements of the Health and Care Professions Council and the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

    The book includes experiences of people living with dementia, practical examples, self-assessment questions, and key point summaries. It is a valuable resource to practitioners, informal caregivers, families, individuals with dementia or those wanting to know more about the subject.

    Dementia Awareness
    Susan Ashton

    Social Policy and Dementia
    Lorraine Shaw and Denise Parker

    Denise Parker

    Case Management
    Denise Parker

    Risk Management
    Rebecca Rylance and James Kidd

    Living Well with Dementia
    Grahame Smith, Jackie Davenport, and Denise Parker

    Living with Dementia
    Carol Wilcox and Tommy Dunne

    Care and Compassion
    Julie Ann Hayes, Lorraine Shaw, and Grahame Smith

    Pharmacological Interventions
    Rebecca Rylance and Donal Deehan

    Psychological Interventions in Dementia
    Debbie Knott and Denise Parker

    Technological Approaches
    Grahame Smith and Denise Parker

    The Environment
    Denise Parker and Robert Macdonald

    End-of-Life Care
    Susan Ashton

    Daz Greenop and Grahame Smith

    The Way Forward
    Grahame Smith

    Grahame Smith


    Edited by

    Grahame Smith, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

    The best feature of this book is the way it explores dementia care to promote the ethical and compassionate approach by practitioners, nurses, caregivers, and family members to people living with dementia. With many case studies in different scenarios that describe the experiences of people living with dementia, this book presents a clear view of dementia care delivery that focuses on a person-centered care model.

    This is a useful book that can be used as a reference for providing care to dementia patients or to enable people living with dementia to live well. While the demand for dementia-related services increases, as a gerontological registered nurse, I find this book valuable for healthcare practitioners: the stories, the approaches, and interventions are the best way to learn and to improve care delivery.

    Weighted Numerical Score: 91 - 4 Stars!

    Doody's Review, Katy T Nguyen, M.S.N, R.N(MU Sinclair School of Nursing)