1st Edition

Democracy, Citizenship and the Global City

Edited By Engin F. Isin Copyright 2001
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    332 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Democracy, Citizenship and the Global City focuses on the controversial, neglected theme of citizenship. It examines the changing role of citizens; their rights, obligations and responsibilities as members of nation-states and the issue of accountability in a global society. Using this interdisciplinary approach, the book offers an innovative collection of work from Robert A. Beauregard, Anna Bounds, Janine Brodie, Richard Dagger, Gerard Delanty, Judith A. Garber, Robert J. Holton, Warren Magnusson, Raymond Rocco, Nikolas Rose, Evelyn S. Ruppert, Saskia Sassen, Bryan S. Turner, John Urry, Gerda R. Wekerle and Nira Yuval-Davis.

    Chapter 1 Introduction, Engin F. Isin; Part 1 Citizenship, sovereignty, politics; Chapter 2 Metropolis, memory and citizenship, Richard Dagger; Chapter 3 The global city, Saskia Sassen; Chapter 4 Global flows and global citizenship, John Urry; Chapter 5 The resurgence of the city in Europe?, Gerard Delanty; Part 2 Government, virtue, power; Chapter 6 Governing cities, governing citizens, Nikolas Rose; Chapter 7 Imagining democratic urban citizenship, Janine Brodie; Chapter 8 Cosmopolitan virtue, Bryan S. Turner; Chapter 9 Governing cities without government, Engin F. Isin; Part 3 Difference, identity, city; Chapter 10 Citizenship, territoriality and the gendered construction of difference, Nira Yuval-Davis; Chapter 11 Multicultural citizenship, Robert J. Holton; Chapter 12 Women's rights to the city, Gerda R. Wekerle; Chapter 13 Associational rights-claims, civil society and place, Raymond Rocco; Part 4 Globalism, politics, city; Chapter 14 Urban citizenship, Robert A Beauregard, Anna Bounds; Chapter 15 The city as a heroic public sphere, Judith A. Garber; Chapter 16 Who governs the global city?, Evelyn S. Ruppert; Chapter 17 Politicizing the global city, Warren Magnusson;


    Engin F. Isin