1st Edition

Democracy, Nationalism and Multiculturalism

Edited By Ramón Máiz, Ferrán Requejo Copyright 2004

    Democracy, Nationalism and Multiculturalism provides an up-to-date review of subnational and multicultural issues in Western multinational states. The book includes normative, institutional and comparative accounts of key issues such as:

    * politics and policies of accommodation
    * multiculturalism
    * recognition of group rights
    * federalist reforms and debates in Canada and European states
    * the political construction of the European Union.

    Introduction Ramón Máiz and Ferrán Requejo 1. Dialogue Between Cultures Bhikhu Parekh 2. Interculturalism: Expanding the Boundaries of Citizenship Alain-G. Gagnon and Raffaele Iacovino 3. Accommodating National Differences with Multinational States Philip Resnick 4. Nation and Democracy in the 'Liberal Nationalism' Debate Ramón Máiz 5. From Nation Building to National Engineering: The Ethics of Shaping Identities Wayne Norman 6. Multinational, not 'Postnational' Federalism Ferrán Requejo 7. Federalism and Secession: East and West Will Kymlicka 8. Dilemmas of Stateless Nations in the European Union Klaus-Jürgen Nagel 9. The 'Transformation' of Governance: New Directions in Policy and Politics John Loughlin


    Ramón Máiz is Professor of Political Science, University of Santiago de Compostela, (Spain). He is the joint editor of Identity and Territorial Autonomy in Plural Societies, and The Construction of Europe, Democracy and Globalisation.