1st Edition

Democracy in Practice

By Helena Catt Copyright 1999

    bThis unique textbook provides students with a detailed look at many different aspects of democracy in practice: clearly describing and analysing all three existing models of democracy:
    * participatory democracy
    * referenda and initiatives
    * representative or liberal democracy.
    Using numerous real life examples from all over the world, this text explores how each is used in practice and provides discussion of the main problems with each model, answering the question:
    Why are there so many different forms of democratic practice?

    List of tables and figures Glossary 1. What Do We Mean By Democracy? 2. How Can A Group Make Collective Decisions? 3. Participatory Democracy 4. Initiatives and Referendums 5. Representation 6. Elected Bodies 7. Assessing the Practice of Democracy Bibliography Source on World Wide Web Index


    Helena Catt