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Democratization and Autocratization Studies

About the Series

Today, studies on democratization and its opposite, autocratization, are characterized by conceptual, theoretical and methodological pluralism, and studies on changes to both coexist, and account for the role of the national and international circulation and diffusion of ideas, and on the consequences of these processes of change on societies.

Democratization and Autocratization Studies offers itself as space for the debate and reference point for all those interested in understanding the most recent regime transition and transformation processes, and to follow the latest developments in the discipline.

The series examines the determinants, modalities, actors, consequences, and correlates of both democratization and autocratization globally, and accepts both empirically grounded and theoretical works. It considers sole- or jointly-authored, and edited, volumes, both full length and shorter, as well as handbooks. All proposals are subjected to peer review.

If you have an idea for a new book in Democratization and Autocratization Studies, please send a written proposal to the Series Editors:

Luca Tomini, Université libre de Bruxelles [email protected]

Seraphine F. Maerz, University of Gothenburg [email protected] , [email protected]

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Democracy, Participation and Contestation Civil society, governance and the future of liberal democracy

Democracy, Participation and Contestation: Civil society, governance and the future of liberal democracy

1st Edition

Edited By Emmanuelle Avril, Johann N Neem
April 21, 2016

The establishment of democracy on both sides of the Atlantic has not been a smooth evolution towards an idealized presumed endpoint. Far from it, democratization has been marked by setbacks and victories, a process often referred to as ‘contested democracy’. In view of recent mobilizations such as ...

Democratic Transitions Modes and Outcomes

Democratic Transitions: Modes and Outcomes

1st Edition

By Sujian Guo, Gary A Stradiotto
April 21, 2016

Democratic transitions have occurred in many countries in various regions across the globe, such as Southern Europe, Latin America, Africa, East and Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and these nations have undergone simuntaneously political, economic and social transformations. ...

Political Leadership, Nascent Statehood and Democracy A comparative study

Political Leadership, Nascent Statehood and Democracy: A comparative study

1st Edition

By Ulrika Möller, Isabell Schierenbeck
April 21, 2016

Do political leaders determine whether a polity will receive a democratic future or not? Research and advocates of democracy agree on the significance of political elites for democratization, yet there is a need for a more specific understanding of their role. This book develops a theory of ...

Globality, Democracy and Civil Society

Globality, Democracy and Civil Society

1st Edition

Edited By Terrell Carver, Jens Bartelson
January 20, 2016

Globality, Democracy and Civil Society explores the relationship between the concepts of democracy and civil society through a comparison of their meaning and function in different historical and cultural contexts. This volume presents detailed contextual studies in Europe, North America, Japan, ...

Democratization and Ethnic Minorities Conflict or compromise?

Democratization and Ethnic Minorities: Conflict or compromise?

1st Edition

Edited By Jacques Bertrand, Oded Haklai
October 12, 2015

Many new democracies are characterized by majority dominance and ethnocentrism. Varying paths or transitions toward democracy create very different outcomes for how ethnic identities, communities and politics are recognized. This book illustrates the varied consequences of democratization, from ...

Comparative International Politics of Democracy Promotion

Comparative International Politics of Democracy Promotion

1st Edition

Edited By Jonas Wolff, Hans-Joachim Spanger, Hans-Jürgen Puhle
September 03, 2015

Though scholarly attention to democracy promotion is increasing, there is still little comparative and theoretically-based work on the protagonists of democracy promotion. This book investigates the motives that drive democracy promotion in a comparative and theoretically oriented manner, exploring...

Opposition and Democracy in South Africa

Opposition and Democracy in South Africa

1st Edition

Edited By Roger Southall
June 01, 2001

This collection examines the nature, scope and prospects for political opposition under African National Congress political dominance....

Democracy and Democratization in Comparative Perspective Conceptions, Conjunctures, Causes, and Consequences

Democracy and Democratization in Comparative Perspective: Conceptions, Conjunctures, Causes, and Consequences

1st Edition

By Jørgen Møller, Svend-Erik Skaaning
December 11, 2013

This book provides an introduction to democratic theory and empirical research on democracy and democratization. The book first examines conceptions of democracy from the origins in ancient Greece to the present day, then tracks when and where modern democracy has developed. On this basis, the book...

Democracy Promotion and Conflict-Based Reconstruction The United States & Democratic Consolidation in Bosnia, Afghanistan & Iraq

Democracy Promotion and Conflict-Based Reconstruction: The United States & Democratic Consolidation in Bosnia, Afghanistan & Iraq

1st Edition

By Matthew Alan Hill
November 08, 2013

This book investigates US foreign policy and tests the hypothesis that transition-inspired democracy promotion will successfully establish liberal democracy around the world, and thus fulfil the aims of the American mission and its application of the democratic peace. It features two detailed case ...

Democracy Assistance International Co-operation for Democratization

Democracy Assistance: International Co-operation for Democratization

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Burnell
November 29, 2000

This examination of how Western governments support democracy worldwide considers how countries use this aid. Attention is paid to post-conflict situations and semi-authoritarian regimes where democratization has stalled, and international support of democratic decentralization is assessed....

The Internet, Democracy and Democratization

The Internet, Democracy and Democratization

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Ferdinand
April 29, 2000

The Internet is transforming relations between states and citizens. This study gives examples of how it is creating new political communities at various levels, both in democracies and authoritarian regimes. It is also used by marginalized anti-democratic groups such as neo-Nazis....

Democratization and the Media

Democratization and the Media

1st Edition

Edited By Vicky Randall
September 30, 1998

Mass communications media play a potentially crucial role both in democratization and in ensuring democracy's survival. The essays in this volume analyse differing aspects of the complex relationship between the media and democracy in a diverse range of national contexts....

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