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Democratization and Autocratization Studies

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Today, studies on democratization and its opposite, autocratization, are characterized by conceptual, theoretical and methodological pluralism, and studies on changes to both coexist, and account for the role of the national and international circulation and diffusion of ideas, and on the consequences of these processes of change on societies.

Democratization and Autocratization Studies offers itself as space for the debate and reference point for all those interested in understanding the most recent regime transition and transformation processes, and to follow the latest developments in the discipline.

The series examines the determinants, modalities, actors, consequences, and correlates of both democratization and autocratization globally, and accepts both empirically grounded and theoretical works. It considers sole- or jointly-authored, and edited, volumes, both full length and shorter, as well as handbooks. All proposals are subjected to peer review.

If you have an idea for a new book in Democratization and Autocratization Studies, please send a written proposal to the Series Editors:

Luca Tomini, Université libre de Bruxelles [email protected]

Seraphine F. Maerz, University of Gothenburg [email protected] , [email protected]

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Multiple Democracies in Europe Political Culture in New Member States

Multiple Democracies in Europe: Political Culture in New Member States

1st Edition

By Paul Blokker
September 05, 2012

This book provides an in-depth discussion and analysis of democracy in Europe, with a focus on the new EU member states, and makes an important and original contribution to the debate on the future of European democracy. Author Paul Blokker seeks to provide a critical reconceptualization of the ...

The Consolidation of Democracy Comparing Europe and Latin America

The Consolidation of Democracy: Comparing Europe and Latin America

1st Edition

By Carsten Q. Schneider
June 23, 2011

This book investigates the successes and failures in consolidating those democratic regimes that emerged in Europe and Latin America in the last quarter of the 20th century. The theoretical approach developed combines the most prominent political-institutional and socio-structural approaches to ...

Constructing Democracy in Southern Europe A comparative analysis of Italy, Spain and Turkey

Constructing Democracy in Southern Europe: A comparative analysis of Italy, Spain and Turkey

1st Edition

By Lauren M. McLaren
August 10, 2010

Why are some regimes democratic while others are not? Specifically, how have Spain and Italy managed to become democratic while Turkey, which shares many similar characteristics, has not? Spain, Italy and Turkey have shared common historical features which would have been disruptive to any new ...

New Challenges to Democratization

New Challenges to Democratization

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Burnell, Richard Youngs
December 21, 2009

This important text explores the widespread contention that new challenges and obstacles have arisen to democratization, assessing the claim that support for democratization around the world is facing a serious challenge. Bringing together leading international scholars of democratization, ...

Global Democracy: For and Against Ethical Theory, Institutional Design and Social Struggles

Global Democracy: For and Against: Ethical Theory, Institutional Design and Social Struggles

1st Edition

By Raffaele Marchetti
April 07, 2008

This book defends the case for the expansion of the democratic model to the global political sphere. Concentrating on the democratic deficit of international affairs, it examines the nexus between the phenomenon of international exclusion and the political response of global democracy. This ...

Democratization in the Muslim World Changing Patterns of Authority and Power

Democratization in the Muslim World: Changing Patterns of Authority and Power

1st Edition

Edited By Frederic Volpi, Francesco Cavatorta
January 25, 2008

This book examines the role that political Islam plays in processes of democratization in the Muslim world, detailing the political processes that facilitate the collective learning of democratic ways of solving the practical problems of those polities. Democratization in the Muslim World ...

The Internet and Politics Citizens, voters and activists

The Internet and Politics: Citizens, voters and activists

1st Edition

Edited By Sarah Oates, Diana Owen, Rachel K Gibson
December 18, 2006

This volume explores the nature of the Internet's impact on civil society, addressing the following central questions: is the Internet qualitatively different from the more traditional forms of the media? has the Internet demonstrated real potential to improve civil society through a wider ...

Democratization and the Judiciary The Accountability Function of Courts in New Democracies

Democratization and the Judiciary: The Accountability Function of Courts in New Democracies

1st Edition

Edited By Roberto Gargarella, Siri Gloppen, Elin Skaar
July 26, 2004

This title examines the political role of courts in new democracies in Latin America and Africa, focusing on their ability to hold political power-holders accountable when they act outside their constitutionally defined powers. The book also issues a warning: there are problems inherent in the ...

Civil Society in Democratization

Civil Society in Democratization

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Burnell, Peter Calvert
July 21, 2004

This title brings together competing theories of civil society with critical studies of the role of civil society in diverse situations and the way in which it has been promoted as the key to democratization. The combination of contemporary theory and practical applications provides valuable ...

Party Development and Democratic Change in Post-communist Europe

Party Development and Democratic Change in Post-communist Europe

1st Edition

Edited By Paul Lewis
May 07, 2001

This work surveys processes of party development in the context of the ten years of democratic change in post-communist eastern Europe. It examines the capacity of the former ruling parties to attract contemporary voters and their role in contributing to the consolidation of the new democratic ...

The Resilience of Democracy Persistent Practice, Durable Idea

The Resilience of Democracy: Persistent Practice, Durable Idea

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Burnell, Peter Calvert
April 29, 1999

This volume brings together studies of the small number of previously established states that have retained and/or restored democracy despite - in many cases - formidable economic, social or political challenges. It seeks to establish common themes, whether or not they appear to fit a grand casual ...

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