1st Edition

Design Manufacturing Composites, Third International Canada-Japan Workshop

By Suong V. Hoa Copyright 2000

    This book contains technical papers, presented at the third joint Canada-Japan workshop on Composites held in Japan in 2000, on topics, including smart composites, composites in civil construction, toughened composites, textile composites, braided composites, and thermoplastic composites.

    Acoustic Emission 1. Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Hydrothermally Aged Al(OH)3 Particle/Vinylester Composites 2. Evaluation Method for Fracture of Fiber Reinforced Plastics by Acoustic Emission Applications 3. Applications Using Polymer Matrix Composites 4. Properties and Applications of Ultrafine-Scaled Composites Bonds and Interfaces 5. A New Evaluation Method of Adhesion between Glass/Epoxy Composite Substrate and Copper Foil for Multilayer Circuit Board Applications 6. Evaluation of Adhesion between Glass/Epoxy Composite and Copper Foils of Printed Circuit Board Using a Fracture-Mechanics Approach 7. Evaluation Methods for Interfacial Property in Fiber Reinforced Composites by In-Situ SEM Observation and Micro Damage Simulation 8. Uses of Keratin Protein as a Film Former for Glass Fiber Composites 9. Investigation on Resin Interphase Produced Near Silane-Treated Glass Fiber in Vinyl Ester Resin 10. Influence of Surface Treatment for Glass Fiber on Time-Temperature Dependent Flexural Behavior of GFRP Laminates Braided Composites 11. Micro/Macro Damage Evaluation of Flat Braided Composites with a Circular Hole 12. Energy Absorption Performances and Fracture Mechanisms of Braided Pultruded Composite Rods 13. Mechanical Behavior of Flat Braided Composites Characterization 14. Longitudinal Compressive Strengths in Pan-Based Carbon Fibres 15. Identification of Equivalent Elastic and Damping Parameters for Roll Core Sandwich Panels of Railway Vehicles Composites in Civil Construction 16. Impact of Composites on Construction 17. Reinforced Concrete Columns Confined by FRP Grids 18. Development of Canadian Standard for Building Construction Using FRP Composites Filled Composites 19. Thermal Shock Resistance of Alumina/Rubber Particulates Filled Hybrid Composites Fracture and Damage 20. Intralaminar and Interlaminar Fracture Growth Simulation of Composite Plates Based on Finite Element Method by Using Plane Elements 21. Estimation of the Mirror Constant in Tyrann


    Suong V. Hoa (Author)