Design Manufacturing Composites, Third International Canada-Japan Workshop  book cover
1st Edition

Design Manufacturing Composites, Third International Canada-Japan Workshop

ISBN 9781587160554
Published October 20, 2000 by CRC Press
435 Pages

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Book Description

This book contains technical papers, presented at the third joint Canada-Japan workshop on Composites held in Japan in 2000, on topics, including smart composites, composites in civil construction, toughened composites, textile composites, braided composites, and thermoplastic composites.

Table of Contents

Acoustic Emission 1. Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Hydrothermally Aged Al(OH)3 Particle/Vinylester Composites 2. Evaluation Method for Fracture of Fiber Reinforced Plastics by Acoustic Emission Applications 3. Applications Using Polymer Matrix Composites 4. Properties and Applications of Ultrafine-Scaled Composites Bonds and Interfaces 5. A New Evaluation Method of Adhesion between Glass/Epoxy Composite Substrate and Copper Foil for Multilayer Circuit Board Applications 6. Evaluation of Adhesion between Glass/Epoxy Composite and Copper Foils of Printed Circuit Board Using a Fracture-Mechanics Approach 7. Evaluation Methods for Interfacial Property in Fiber Reinforced Composites by In-Situ SEM Observation and Micro Damage Simulation 8. Uses of Keratin Protein as a Film Former for Glass Fiber Composites 9. Investigation on Resin Interphase Produced Near Silane-Treated Glass Fiber in Vinyl Ester Resin 10. Influence of Surface Treatment for Glass Fiber on Time-Temperature Dependent Flexural Behavior of GFRP Laminates Braided Composites 11. Micro/Macro Damage Evaluation of Flat Braided Composites with a Circular Hole 12. Energy Absorption Performances and Fracture Mechanisms of Braided Pultruded Composite Rods 13. Mechanical Behavior of Flat Braided Composites Characterization 14. Longitudinal Compressive Strengths in Pan-Based Carbon Fibres 15. Identification of Equivalent Elastic and Damping Parameters for Roll Core Sandwich Panels of Railway Vehicles Composites in Civil Construction 16. Impact of Composites on Construction 17. Reinforced Concrete Columns Confined by FRP Grids 18. Development of Canadian Standard for Building Construction Using FRP Composites Filled Composites 19. Thermal Shock Resistance of Alumina/Rubber Particulates Filled Hybrid Composites Fracture and Damage 20. Intralaminar and Interlaminar Fracture Growth Simulation of Composite Plates Based on Finite Element Method by Using Plane Elements 21. Estimation of the “Mirror Constant” in Tyranno® Si-Ti-C-O Fibres from Fibre Strength Data Measured In Situ a 3-D Woven SiC/SiC Composite 22. A New Method to Evaluate Fracture Energy of Fiber/Matrix Interface 23. Fractography of Mode I Crack Propagation in Glass Cloth/Vinylester Composite 24. Fracture and Damage of a Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polycarbonate Plate Containing Sharp or Blunt Notches under Tension Genetic Algorithm 25. Effect of Flexible Material on Hybrid Composites with Damping Properties Assessed by Genetic Algorithm Impact 26. Web Database of Structural Composites with Impact Properties 27. Impact Damage Detection of FRP Using Michelson Interferometric Fiber-Optic Sensors 28. Energy Absorption Properties of Composite Mechanics of Composites 29. Free Vibration Analysis of Angle-Ply Laminated Cylindrical Shell with Clamped Edges 30. Finite Element Analysis for Internal Stress of Room-Temperature Cured Adhesives 31. A Numerical Study on Mechanism of Damage Accumulation in Composite Laminates Under a Quasi-Static Concentrated Load 32. Nonlinear Failure Strength of CFRP Laminated Plates with a Hole After Buckling 33. Buckling Analysis on Laminated Composite Plates 34. Stochastic Characteristics of Fracture in Laminated Composites 35. Numerical Modeling Method for the Honeycomb Sandwich Panels Metal and Ceramic Composites 36. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Sinter-Post-HIPed Si3N4-SiC Composites 37. Review of Fibre-Metal-Laminate Technology 38. Fabrication of Continuous SiC Fibre Titanium Matrix Axi-Symmetric Composites 39. Pressureless-Sintering of CaZrO3/MgO In Situ Composites Derived from Natural Dolomite with Various Additives Pipes and Vessels 40. Variable Elasticity Applied to Composite Pressure Vessel Design 41. Application of FW Composite Cylinders to Fuel Container of Natural Gas Vehicles 42. Stress Analysis of Lateral Compression for a Laminated Cylindrical Pipe Processing 43. Numerical Optimizing Procedure for Injection Molding by Intelligent Designing System 44. Numerical Optimum Method for Injection Molding Considering Design Information 45. Three Dimensional Resin Transfer Molding Simulations: Control of Accuracy and Industrial Validation for Complex Ribbed Parts Recycling 46. Recycling of Continuous Glass Fibre/Polypropylene Fabric Composites Smart Composites 47. Mechanical Properties of GFRP Cross-Ply Laminate with Embedded SMA Wires 48. Smart Composites for Smart Structures 49. Health Monitoring of Composite Structure of International America’s Cup Class Yachts—“Asura” and “Idaten”—by Using Fiber Optic Distributed Strain Sensors 50. Application of Smart Manufacturing Technologies to FW Molded Composites by Using Optical Fiber Sensors Textile Composites 51. Development of Textile Composites Impregnated with Dicyclopentadiene Resin 52. Microstructural Analysis of Three-Dimensional Permeabilities of Textile Composites by the Homogenization Theory 53. Characterization of Low Cycle Fatigue for Woven Fabric Composites (Below the Freezing Point) Thermoplastic Composites 54. Mechanical Properties of In-Situ Fiber Reinforced Composites from Blends Containing Polyethylene with Poly-Caprolactam 55. Microcellular Wood-Fiber Thermoplastics Composites: Processing-Structure-Properties 56. Potentiality of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Toughened Composites 57. Experimental and Analytical Characterization of Matrix Cracking in CFRP Laminates with Interlaminar Toughened Layers

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