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Design and the Built Environment: Design and the Built Environment

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Urban design is an expanding discipline bridging the gaps between the established built environment professions of architecture, planning, surveying, landscape architecture, and engineering. In this position, urban design also borrows from, and contributes to, academic discourse in areas as diverse as urban geography, sociology, public administration, cultural studies, environmental management, conservation and urban regeneration.

This series provides a means to disseminate more substantive urban and environmental design research. Specifically, contributions will be welcomed which are the result of original empirical research, scholarly evaluation, reflection on the practice and the process of urban design, and critical analysis of particular aspects of the built environment. Volumes should be of international interest and may reflect theory and practice from across one or more of the spatial scales over which urban design operates, from environmental and spatial design of settlements, to a concern with large areas of towns and cities - districts or quarters, to consideration of individual developments, urban spaces and networks of spaces, to the contribution of architecture in the urban realm.

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Advanced Research and Design Tools for Architectural Heritage Unforeseen Paths

Advanced Research and Design Tools for Architectural Heritage: Unforeseen Paths

1st Edition


Edited By Stefania Stellacci, Danilo Giglitto, Chiara Piccoli
June 28, 2024

Advanced Research and Design Tools for Architectural Heritage: Unforeseen Paths rethinks how to analyse, preserve, and adapt Architectural Heritage and its surroundings along unforeseen paths using a broad spectrum of advanced research and design tools. By delving into conceptual foundations and ...

Temporal Urban Design Temporality, Rhythm and Place

Temporal Urban Design: Temporality, Rhythm and Place

1st Edition

By Filipa Matos Wunderlich
December 19, 2023

Temporal Urban Design: Temporality, Rhythm and Place examines an alternative design approach, focusing on the temporal aesthetics of urban places and the importance of the sense of time and rhythm in the urban environment. The book departs from concerns on the acceleration of cities, its impact on ...

Daylight, Design and Place-Making

Daylight, Design and Place-Making

1st Edition

By Hisham Elkadi, Sura Al-Maiyah
January 09, 2023

Daylight, Design and Place-Making examines the role of daylight in creating and revealing the wonders of heritage and contemporary architecture. Shifting from a purely technical approach to daylighting, this book places importance on the creation of meaningful aesthetics through an understanding of...

Public Space Between Reimagination and Occupation

Public Space: Between Reimagination and Occupation

1st Edition

Edited By Svetlana Hristova, Mariusz Czepczyński
January 17, 2019

Public Space: Between Reimagination and Occupation examines contemporary public space as a result of intense social production reflecting contradictory trends: the long-lasting effects of the global crisis, manifested in supranational trade-offs between political influence, state power and private ...

Chinese Urban Design The Typomorphological Approach

Chinese Urban Design: The Typomorphological Approach

1st Edition

By Fei Chen, Kevin Thwaites
October 17, 2016

The traditional Chinese city is undergoing an identity crisis. With the rapid development taking place, there is growing conflict between this new building and the existing urban heritage. An appropriate approach, both in design and in legislation, is urgently needed to deal with this problem. ...

Colonial Architecture and Urbanism in Africa Intertwined and Contested Histories

Colonial Architecture and Urbanism in Africa: Intertwined and Contested Histories

1st Edition

Edited By Fassil Demissie
May 24, 2017

Colonial architecture and urbanism carved its way through space: ordering and classifying the built environment, while projecting the authority of European powers across Africa in the name of science and progress. The built urban fabric left by colonial powers attests to its lingering impacts in ...

Constructing a Sense of Place Architecture and the Zionist Discourse

Constructing a Sense of Place: Architecture and the Zionist Discourse

1st Edition

Edited By Haim Yacobi
February 27, 2017

While it is widely recognized that architects and their architecture play a key role in constructing a sense of place, the inherent nexus between an architectural ideology and the production of national space and place has so far been neglected. Focusing on the Zionist ideology, this book brings ...

Architecture Competition Project Design and the Building Process

Architecture Competition: Project Design and the Building Process

1st Edition

Edited By Ignaz Strebel, Jan Silberberger
March 03, 2017

Much valued by design professionals, controversially discussed in the media, regularly misunderstood by the public and systematically regulated by public procurement; in recent years, architecture competitions have become projection screens for various and often incommensurable desires ...

City Making and Urban Governance in the Americas Curitiba and Portland

City Making and Urban Governance in the Americas: Curitiba and Portland

1st Edition

By Clara Irazábal
November 15, 2016

Cities in both North and South America are confronting tremendous challenges in urban growth and management as they enter the new century. Curitiba in Brazil and Portland in Oregon, US are cities that have achieved recognition for exemplary urban planning programmes over the past three decades. As ...

Designing for Play

Designing for Play

2nd Edition

By Barbara E. Hendricks
July 28, 2011

Architects, landscape designers, builders, gardeners and teachers have all at some time been called upon to design a play area. Unfortunately, this diversity has not resulted in a similar diversity of design solutions for this very problematic task. Despite a proliferation of 'how to' books on ...

Olympic Cities: 2012 and the Remaking of London

Olympic Cities: 2012 and the Remaking of London

1st Edition

Edited By Gavin Poynter, Iain MacRury
November 28, 2016

Drawing upon historical, cultural, economic and socio-demographic perspectives, this book examines the role of a sporting mega-event in promoting urban regeneration and social renewal. Comparing cities that have or will be hosting the event, it explores the political economy of the games and the ...

The Ethics of a Potential Urbanism Critical encounters between Giorgio Agamben and architecture

The Ethics of a Potential Urbanism: Critical encounters between Giorgio Agamben and architecture

1st Edition

By Camillo Boano
December 16, 2016

The Ethics of a Potential Urbanism explores the possible and potential relevance of Giorgio Agamben’s political thoughts and writings for the theory and the practice of architecture and urban design. It sketches out the potentiality of Agamben’s politics, which can affect change in current ...

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