1st Edition

Design at Work Cooperative Design of Computer Systems

Edited By Joan Greenbaum, Morten Kyng Copyright 1991

    The contributors to this important volume begin with a simple premise: Computer system development is difficult, not primarily because of the complexity of technical problems, but because of the social interaction involved when users and designers learn to create programs and express ideas together. Based on this important concept, they offer concrete suggestions for ways that system developers can experiment with new perspectives and techniques for cooperating with users -- especially during the early phases of the design process.

    The editors' primary goal is to stimulate the creation of useful computer systems -- systems that support and sustain the fragile relationship of the people, the working environment, and the computer technology itself.

    Contents: J. Greenbaum, M. Kyng, Preface: Memories of the Past. J. Greenbaum, M. Kyng, Introduction: Situated Design. Part I:Reflecting on Work Practice. L. Bannon, From Human Factors to Human Actors: The Role of Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction Studies in System Design. E. Wynn, Taking Practice Seriously. L.A. Suchman, R.H. Trigg, Understanding Practice: Video as a Medium for Reflection and Design. P.B. Andersen, B. Holmqvist, Language, Perspectives, and Design. K. Bodker, J.S. Pedersen, Workplace Cultures: Looking at Artifacts, Symbols, and Practices. Part II:Designing for Work Practice. S. Bodker, J. Greenbaum, M. Kyng, Setting the Stage for Design as Action. F. Kensing, K.H. Madsen, Generating Visions: Future Workshops and Metaphorical Design. P. Ehn, M. Kyng, Cardboard Computers: Mocking-it-up or Hands-on the Future. S. Bodker, K. Gronboek, Design in Action: From Prototyping by Demonstration to Cooperative Prototyping. A. Henderson, M. Kyng, There's No Place Like Home: Continuing Design in Use. P. Ehn, D. Sjogren, From System Descriptions to Scripts for Action. J. Greenbaum, M. Kyng, Epilogue: Design by Doing.


    Joan Greenbaum (Edited by) ,  Morten Kyng (Edited by)