2nd Edition

Design of Digital Phase Shifters for Multipurpose Communication Systems

By Binboga Siddik Yarman Copyright 2022
    652 Pages
    by River Publishers

    This book aims to cover a new emerging need in designing digital phase shifter for modern communication systems. With the advancement of new generation mobile communication systems, directed beams of antenna arrays save a substantial amount of power as well as improve the communication quality. In this regard, beam-forming circuits, such as digital phase shifters (DPS) constitute essential parts of the antenna array systems. Therefore, this book is devoted to the design of digital phase shifters for various communications systems. Nowadays, phase array systems demand compact phase shifters suitable for chip implementation with wide phase-range and broad frequency band. Each chapter of this book is organized as stand-alone in such a way that the reader requires no specific background acquired from the other chapters. For each phase shifter topology introduced in this book, the reader is furnished with explicit design equations to construct the circuit under consideration. Furthermore, design equations are programmed using MATLAB to assess the electrical performance of the phase shifters with ideal and lossy components. MATLAB design programs are given at the and of each chapter as appendices and provided as soft copy on the web page of the book. In chapters 12 and 14, MMIC layouts for the lattice and T-section based DPS are provided for the readers. It is hoped that an interested reader can immediately identifies the “optimum phase shifter topology” for the need under consideration with its estimated electric performance.

    1 Fundamentals of Digital Phase Shifters 2 Antennas, Arrays, Beam Forming, and Beam Steering Levent Sevgi 3 Scattering Parameters for Lossless Two-Ports 4 Transmission Lines as Phase Shifter 5 Loaded-Line Digital Phase Shifters 6 Symmetric T-/PI-Sections as Phase Shifters 7 180? Low-pass-Based T-Section Digital Phase Shifter Topology 8 180? Low-pass-Based PI-Section Digital Phase Shifter Topology (LPI-DPS) 9 180? High-pass-Based T-Section Digital Phase Shifter Topology (HPT-DPS) 10 A Symmetric Lattice-Based Wideband Wide Phase Range Digital Phase Shifter Topology 11 360? T-Section Digital Phase Shifter 12 360? PI-Section Digital Phase Shifter 13 180? High-pass-Based PI-Section Digital Phase Shifter 14 A Wide Phase Range Compact T-Section Digital Phase Shifter Topology


    Binboga Siddik Yarman