2nd Edition

Designing Complex Products with Systems Engineering Processes and Techniques

By Vivek D. Bhise Copyright 2023
    584 Pages 113 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Completely revised including six new chapters, this new edition presents a more comprehensive knowledge of issues facing developers of complex products and process management. It includes more tools for implementing a Systems Engineering approach to minimize the risks of delays and cost overruns and helps create the right product for its customers.

    Designing Complex Products with Systems Engineering Processes and Techniques, Second Edition highlights how to increase customer satisfaction, quality, safety, and usability to meet program timings and budgets using a Systems Engineering approach. It provides decision-making considerations and models for creating sustainable product design and describes many techniques and tools used in product development and the product life-cycle orientation. The book also offers techniques used in Design for Manufacturing, Design for Assembly, and product evaluation methods for verification and validation testing. Many new examples, case studies, six new chapters, and updated program and data charts held on our website are offered.

    The book targets practicing engineers, engineering management personnel, product designers, product planners, product and program managers in all industrialized and developing countries. In addition the book is also useful to undergraduate, graduate students, and faculty in engineering, product design, and product project and program management.

    Part I Systems Engineering Concepts, Issues, and Methods in Product Design.

    1. Introduction to Products, Processes, and Product Development.  2. Systems Engineering and Other Disciplines in Product Design.  3. Decision-Making and Risks in Product Programs.  4. Product Attributes, Requirements, and Allocation of Functions.  5. Understanding and Managing Interfaces.  6. Detailed Engineering Design during Product Development.  7. Product Evaluation, Verification, and Validation.  8. Program Planning and Management.  9. Costs and Benefits Considerations and Models. 

    Part II Quality, Human Factors, Safety, and Sustainability Approaches.

    10. Quality Management and Six-Sigma Initiatives.  11. Human Factors Engineering in Product Design.  12. Safety Engineering in Product Design.  13. Design for Sustainability. 

    Part III Tools Used in Product Development, Quality, Human Factors, and Safety Engineering.

    14. Methods and Toolbox.  15. Product Development Tools.  16. Design for Manufacturing and Assembly.  17. Traditional and New Quality Tools.  18. Human Factors Engineering Tools.  19. Safety Engineering Tools.  20. Cost–Benefit Analysis: Designing Complex Products with Systems Engineering Processes and Techniques.  21. Life Cycle Analyses. 

    Part IV Applications, Case Studies, and Integration.

    22. Applications of Systems Engineering Tools: A Case Study on an Automotive Powertrain System.  23. Case Studies and Integration.  24. Case Studies in Cost–Benefit Analysis.  25. Challenges and Future Issues in Systems Engineering. Appendix 1. Product Development Case Studies. Appendix 2. Benchmarking, Quality Function Deployment, and Design Specifications. Appendix 3. Vehicle Systems Analyses: Requirements, Interfaces, Trade-Offs, and Verification. Appendix 4. Business Plan and Systems Engineering Management Plan for the Proposed Vehicle. Appendix 5. Conceptual Design of the Proposed Vehicle. Appendix 6. Vehicle Assembly Process Plan. Appendix 7. Term Project: Final Report. Appendix 8. Calculations of Centerline and Control Limits for Control Charts.


    Vivek D. Bhise is a visiting Professor/LEO Lecturer and Professor in post-retirement of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. He received his B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (1965) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, M.S. in Industrial Engineering (1966) from the University of California, Berkeley, California, and Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering (1971) from the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. He has held several management and research positions at the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan and is the author of two books published by CRC Press/Taylor and Francis along with over 100 technical papers in the design and evaluation of automotive interiors, parametric modeling of vehicle packaging, vehicle lighting systems, the field of view from vehicles, and modeling of human performance in different driver/user tasks. Dr. Bhise has taught graduate courses in Vehicle Ergonomics, Vehicle Package Engineering, Automotive Systems Engineering, Management of Product and Process Design, Work Methods and Industrial Ergonomics, Human Factors Engineering, Total Quality Management, and Six Sigma, Quantitative Methods in Quality Engineering, Energy Evaluation, Risk Analysis and Optimization, Product Design and Evaluations, Safety Engineering, Computer-Aided Product Design and Manufacturing, and Statistics and Probability Theory over the past 36 years and has also served as an expert witness on cases involving product safety, patent infringement, and highway safety.