1st Edition

Designing Innovations in Industrial Logistics Modelling

By A. Kusiak, M. Bielli Copyright 1996

    Designing Innovations in Industrial Logistics Modelling describes practical methods for approaching the task of designing industrial logistics systems. It surveys the development of logistics models and their application in manufacturing to designing, planning, and implementing the movement of supplies, equipment, and products.
    This text/reference book discusses the combination of operation and production research to obtain solutions for designing and integrating advanced logistics systems. It provides the reader with a set of prescriptive and descriptive models and methods that have been developed exclusively for the purpose of designing, managing, and optimizing the architecture of such advanced systems.
    The design and application of new tools and methods is presented in such a way that emphasizes the competitiveness of manufacturing industries, and case studies are presented in a manner that demonstrates successful models and methods in advanced industrial logistics systems. In addition, Designing Innovations in Industrial Logistics Modelling explains the various formal tools and methodologies employed in evaluating new programs and covers program management and dynamic evaluation techniques.

    Problems and Trends in the Design of Innovation Programs in Logistics
    Research Perspectives in Industrial Logistics Design, A. Villa and M. Bielli
    Time-Based Approach in Designing and Validating Order Bound Logistics Systems, M. Luhtala and E. Eloranta
    The Factory in Triplicate, M. Lucertini and D. Telmon
    Models and Tools for Designing Innovations in Logistics
    An Optimal Decision Rule for Reallocation of Experts, U. Belhe and A. Kusiak
    Petri-Net Models for Logistic Planning, H.J. Bullinger and F. Wagner
    On Solving Stochastic Production Planning Problems via Scenario Modeling, L.F. Escudero and P.V. Kamesan
    Case Studies
    Development of a Design Methodology for Tool Logistic Systems in Flexible Manufacturing, M. Calderini, M. Cantamessa, and V. Nicolò
    A Project for a Logistic Integrated Network for Decisions Enhancement (LINDEN), W. Ukovich, M. Crasnich, and F. Zanetti
    An Integrated Approach to Design Innovation in Industrial Logistics, M. Crasnich, C. Lanza, and A. Merli
    A Conceptual Model for One of a Kind and Batch Production, A. Rolstadås and J.O. Strandhagen
    Information Technologies for Managing and Promoting Innovations in Logistics
    Managing the Use of Information Technology to Promote Process Innovation, E. Tse
    Managing Innovation in CIM Environments, S. Bansal


    A. Kusiak (University of Iowa) (Author) , M. Bielli (Inst.Anal/Systems & Info - CNR, Rome, Italy)