2nd Edition

Designing a Structured Cabling System to ISO 11801

By Barry J. Elliot Copyright 2002

    Covering major standards and relevant design issues, this book explains how to specify, install, and test a modern reliable structured cabling system and analyzes the terminology and physics behind the standards. The author empowers the reader with the skills required to read and understand standards and address problems raised by the need to design, procure, install, and test a modern cabling system, using both copper and optical fiber cable technology. He thoroughly discusses the technology and the vast number of standards that accompany it. The material is based on the design recommendations of ISO/IEC 11801. The appendix lists relevant standards and provides contacts for standards organizations.

    First Pick Your Standards
    Topology or Architecture of Structured Cabling Systems
    Building Blocks of Structured Cabling Systems
    Ensuring Enough Bandwidth for Today and Tomorrow
    The Screened Versus Unscreened Debate
    Fire Performance of Indoor Cables
    Pathways and Spaces
    Earthing, Ground and Bonding
    Administration Schemes
    Step-by-Step Guide to Designing a Structured Cabling System
    Example Specification and Design
    I List of Relevant Standards
    II Contact Addresses for Standards Organizations and Other Interested Parties


    Barry J. Elliot