1st Edition

Designing the Purposeful World
The Sustainable Development Goals as a Blueprint for Humanity

ISBN 9780815381327
Published March 28, 2018 by Routledge
144 Pages

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Book Description

In September 2015, at the United Nations, world leaders agreed on seventeen Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. This book extrapolates the SDGs into the idea of a purposeful world. In this context, the purpose for humanity is to thrive sustainably alongside other life forms and to consciously celebrate the process. The SDGs serve as a powerful vision, time-stamped at the 2030 time horizon, not just for world leaders but for us all. However, faced with the challenges of implementing the SDGs, we (including business leaders, government leaders and anyone wishing to make a difference) can feel overwhelmed.

Wilson takes the reader on a journey of thought and invites them to work out their personal role in sustainability as well as their collaborative role alongside others in their communities and organisations. Written in a very accessible style, the book celebrates some of the many achievements made by ordinary people as a catalyst for hope, sets out a number of achievable goals and provides exercises to enable the reader to adopt practices that help to make a difference. It is the perfect book to help turn the SDGs into action at every level – governmental, organisational and personal.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction – why any one of us can make a difference

Chapter 2: Reasons for hope – building on the thoughts of Al Gore

Chapter 3: A personal story – the author’s journey to now

Chapter 4: Designing purposeful organisations – a synopsis of the necessary conditions for change

Chapter 5: Several fractal leaps of scale – from single cells to humanity

Chapter 6: The purpose of humanity

Chapter 7: A shared vision – how the SDGs define our future in a way we can all accept

Chapter 8: Engaging absolutely everyone in the SDGs

Chapter 9: Building the structures for change

Chapter 10: Why our values and behaviours (our consciousness) must evolve to support change

Chapter 11: Measuring results and defining success

Chapter 12: Playing to the strengths of humanity

Chapter 13: In closing

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Clive Wilson chairs the United Nations Association (Harrogate) as an advocate for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. He is an experienced consultant and is committed to both organisational sustainability as well as improving the effectiveness of social entrepreneurs in the developing world.

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Author - Clive  Wilson

Clive Wilson

Author and Director, Primeast Ltd
Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK

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"In writing "Designing the Purposeful World", Clive hasn’t simply published a book, he has created a portal to an adventure that will change your world and that of future generations. His work will take you on pathways that twist and turn, stopping off to hear from inspiring individuals with equally impressive stories along the way. The book will challenge your way of thinking, make you question the way the world works and almost certainly support you in making changes that will improve your way of life and support a more environmentally sustainable world." 

Nathan Atkinson, Founder of Fuel for School and Trustee of The Real Junk Food Project

"Clive Wilson is as motivating in print as he is in person. In his latest book he combines a wealth of knowledge, his own practical life experiences and those of others, to convey purpose and value. All this in a world where action is essential but the means is often lacking. Written with clarity and free from jargon, Clive accompanies the reader along a learning journey, as he builds progressive stages of the book. The reader receives continual encouragement to take a hands-on approach towards achieving a purposeful world by applying our own thoughts and experiences throughout. The result is a guide with resounding value, rather than merely food for thought, as is often found in other reflective, less interactive books.

With humanity on the brink of destroying life on our planet, this volume turns the situation around. Instead of painting a picture of gloom and doom, Clive embraces our challenge as an opportunity. Using the framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are shown a practical pathway for each of us to achieve success. Clive develops the themes from ‘Designing the Purposeful Organisation’, adeptly ramping these up to the present-day global scenario. Accordingly, the reader has much to gain whether or not they have read his previous insights.

If you are looking for an accessible, real-world methodology for tackling the global environmental and social issues facing us, you are bound to find unpretentious inspiration in this book."

Michelle Marks, Coral Mountain

"A powerful employee engagement opportunity and to help make a positive difference, no matter how small. This book is an excellent follow-up to ‘Designing the Purposeful Organisation – how to inspire business performance beyond boundaries’. 

Overall, an insightful and uplifting read for everyone, written in a practical and down to earth conversational style. This book raises awareness of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and encourages the reader to reflect on the associated meaningful impacts to everyday life, whether this be on a personal, community or work basis."

Melanie Cheung, HR Professional, NHS (UK)