1st Edition

Destructive Trends in Mental Health
The Well Intentioned Path to Harm

ISBN 9781138967458
Published November 24, 2015 by Routledge
384 Pages

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Book Description

This book takes as its inspiration the assumption that the atmosphere of intellectual openness, scientific inquiry, aspiration towards diversity, and freedom from political pressure that once flourished in the American Psychological Association has been eclipsed by an "ultra-liberal agenda," in which voices of dissent, controversial points of view, and minority groups are intimidated, ridiculed and censored.

Chapters written by established and revered practitioners explore these important issues within the contexts of social change, the ways in which mental health services providers view themselves and their products, and various economic factors that have affected healthcare cost structure and delivery.

In short, this book is intended to help consumers, practitioners, and policy makers to become better educated about a variety of recent issues and trends that have significantly changed the mental health fields.

Table of Contents

The Editors. The Authors. Cummings, Preface. Wright, Introduction. Part I: Political Correctness, Sensitivity and Diversity. Cummings, O'Donohue, Psychology's Surrender to Political Correctness. O'Donohue, Cultural Sensitivity: A Critical Examination. Zur, The Psychology of Victimhood. O'Donohue, Caselles, Homophobia: Conceptual, Definitional, and Value Issues. Part II: Mental Healthcare Economics. Cummings, Expanding a Shrinking Economic Base: The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and the Mental Health Way. Glasser, Warning: Psychiatry may be Hazardous to Your Health. Wright, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: What It Is and What It Is Not. Wright, The Myth of Continuing Education: A Look at Some Intended and (Maybe) Unintended Consequences. Part III: Political Influence on Science and Practice. Gottfredson, Suppressing Intelligence: Hurting Those We Intend to Help. Lilienfeld, Lohr, Lynn, Fowler, Pseudoscience, Nonscience and Nonsense in Contemporary Clinical Psychology. Rosemond, The Diseasing of America's Children: The Politics of Diagnosis. O'Donohue, Dyslin, Abortion, Boxing, and Zionism: Politics and the APA. Zur, The Dumbing Down of Psychology: Faulty Beliefs about Boundary Crossings and Dual Relationships. Lillis, O'Donohue, Cucciare, Lillis, Social Justice in Community Psychology. Redding, Sociopolitical Diversity in Psychology: The Case for Pluralism.

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Rogers H. Wright, Ph.D., is currently retired from professional service after a long and distinguished career. Dr Wright was a Co-founder and Partner of Fiske, Levy & Wright Psychological Consultants to Management for almost 40 years, before serving as CEO of the Association for the Advancement of Psychology. During his illustrious career, Dr. Wright was elected as President of Division 31 of the APA, once in 1969 - the year he founded the division - and again in 1986, the California State Psychological Association (2 terms), and the APA's Division of Clinical Psychology. Dr. Wright has served as the Chair of a number of organizations and has been the recipient of an astounding array of professional honors and awards.

Nicholas A. Cummings, Ph.D., Sc.D., is Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Clinical Psychology, and President, Foundation for Behavioral Health at the University of Nevada at Reno. Dr. Cummings is a Past-President of the American Psychological Association and founder of American Biodyne, the first behavioral healthcare HMO


"Destructive Trends in Mental Health: The Well-Intentioned Path to Harm" documents and critiques the ascent of social activism over open-minded scintific inquiry and quality care in the current menatl health establishment. This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about menatl health care in this country. The book casts a eye on much of the psychological and psychiatric professional associations' social activism over the last 30 years. Drs. Wright and Cummings cannot be dismissed as disgruntled conservatives. Their deeds validate their claim to be "lifelong liberal activists." -- Washington Times, The (DC), Warren Throckmorton, associate professor of psychology and fellow foe psychology anf public policy.
"This book may be the read of the year for mental health practitioners. It is the most sweeping critique (and often indictment) of the mental health professions in recent memory. It is occasionally freewheeling, unfettered, and polemical on the one hand, and precise and surgical on the other. Readers are going to either love it or hate it. This is a wide-ranging provocative book that offers a sweeping critique of several areas of science, practice, and the profession that may be valuable in stimulating discussion as we look ahead. It provides an important voice in a growing chorus demanding reform.
." -- Frank Farley and V.K. Kumar, Reviewers, Contemporary Psychology
"According to Cummings, "self- interested destructive trends have permeated the mental health professions, threatening harm to the patients who seek their help and betraying the society they are sworn to serve." This book echoes many of the charges that up to now have come from outisde the therapy profession. This isn't a book that can be dismissed as just another ideologically inspired, partisan attack." -- Psychotherapy Networker, Richard Handler, Radio Producer
"Are you open - minded? If so, this book will captivate, fascinate, and disturb you. If you are unquestioningly married to political correct ideology, you will brand this book conservative dogma and look for reasons to discredit the authors, but ironically, the editors and principal authors are life-long liberal activists. The book leaves few sacred cows un-gored. Nick Cummings wryly gives step by step process for fabricating a new syndrome that would be widely accepted. He posits that by truly integrating psychology with healthcare and casting psychologists as behavioral primary care providers, the number of psychology patients could increase 900%. "This book is exciting, profound, and the most thought provoking book ever to be read in at least a decade." -- Independent Practitioner, Michael Brickey
"This book is about the taboos surrounding many controversial subjects. It is such a challenge, the editors, mature and experienced professionals, and book contributors dissect many aspects within the field of mental health. These are as pertinent to the practice of social work as they are to psychology.This book is not to be overlooked. It has a plethora of references, primarily from psychology even though many of the subjects have been presented in the recent social work as well as the psychiatric and psychoanalytic literature. It is well written and parts of it are fun to read. Like the child who pointed out the emperor's nakedness, this book will promote reconsideration of many problems in the area of mental health and in the profession of social work. Social workers who like to think and who respect challenges will find this book a must read." -- Florence Lieberman PhD/DSW, Professor Emerata, Hunter College School of Social Work