1st Edition

Detection-Oriented Derivatization Techniques in Liquid Chromatography

    This book covers the principles, kinetics, and applications of derivatization reactions in liquid chromatography. It emphasizes detection-oriented derivatization procedures that can be used to enhance to detectability of a wide variety of solutes using absorbance and fluorescence detection.

    1. Derivatization in Liquid Chromatography: Introduction 2. Derivatization Reactions and Kinetics in Liquid Chromatography 3. Sample Pretreatment Procedures 4. Postchromatographic Reaction Detection 5. Enantiomeric Derivatization 6. Enzymatic Derivatization 7. Ultraviolet-Visible Derivatization 8. Electrochemical Derivatization 9. Fluorescence Derivatization 10. Chemiluminescence Derivatization Reactions in Liquid Chromatography


    Henk Lingeman Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Willy J. M. Underberg State University of Utrecht,   The Netherlands