1st Edition

Developing Assertiveness Skills for Health and Social Care Professionals

By Annie Phillips Copyright 2014

    Want to communicate clearly, honestly and directly, without avoidance or resorting to manipulative or aggressive behaviour? Learn how to be assertive and explore its advantages as the primary tool of effective communication skills in healthcare settings. If you work in health or social care as a manager or clinician, deal with people on a daily basis, and need these dealings to be thoughtful, effective and stress free, this is the book for you. It teaches you how to understand and alleviate barriers to effective communication, manage the stresses and conflicts, and develop the effective clinical, people and management skills you need to navigate successfully through a career in healthcare. It challenges the reader to re-construct their approach to communication and present themselves more confidently whilst encouraging investment in their personal and professional development. This highly practical guide, and its companion volume Developing Leadership Skills for Health and Social Care Professionals are essential tools for all health and social care professionals wanting to develop relationships with their colleagues, patients and clients including clinicians, practice managers, nurses, midwives, general practitioners, therapists, doctors, dieticians, psychological therapists, paramedics and health visitors.

    About the author. Acknowledgements. Introduction. The importance of being assertive. Women and assertiveness. How to be assertive. Putting your ideas into practice. Feelings. Dealing with criticism. Making and refusing requests. Negotiation. Preventing and resolving conflict. Setting the boundaries. Developing reflective thinking. Putting it into practice for the patient. Breaking unwelcome news. Boundaries in clinical work. Your personal development plan. Goal setting and supporting change. Index.


    Annie Phillips Writer on Health and Health Management Specialist Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist, Somerset Partnership