Developing Mind Series

Series Editor: Philip David Zelazo

This series presents high-quality scholarship in a format that makes each book useful in a wide variety of situations. For example, books in the series may serve as:

  • solid introductions to particular topics for professionals in other sub-disciplines;
  • texts for adoption for upper-level courses (e.g., senior seminars or graduate courses) or supplemental use in mid-level courses (e.g., cognitive development courses); and/or
  • engaging overviews of cognitive developmental theory and research for a more general audience of educated nonspecialists.

In addition to making an indispensable scholarly contribution to the literature, each book is broadly accessible and widely marketed. Given these goals, there are no specific constraints on the type of book to be published in the series, although in most cases authored books will be more likely to serve these purposes than edited volumes. Proposals submitted for consideration will be carefully reviewed, and those accepted for inclusion in the series will receive editorial development as befits a first-class outlet for publication of scholarly texts.

Inquiries about the series may be directed to:

Philip D. Zelazo, Ph.D.

University of Minnesota

Institute of Child Development

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Phone: 612-624-5957

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  • Remembering the Times of Our Lives

    Memory in Infancy and Beyond

    By Patricia J. Bauer

    The purpose of Remembering the Times of Our Lives: Memory in Infancy and Beyond is to trace the development from infancy through adulthood in the capacity to form, retain, and later retrieve autobiographical or personal memories. It is appropriate for scholars and researchers in the fields of…

    Paperback – 2006-08-08
    Psychology Press
    Developing Mind Series

  • The Development of Commonsense Psychology

    By Chris Moore

    How do children develop an understanding of people as psychological entities - as feeling, thinking beings? How do they come to understand human behavior as driven by desires and informed by reason? These questions are at the heart of contemporary research on children’s "theories of mind." Although…

    Paperback – 2006-02-03
    Psychology Press
    Developing Mind Series

  • Recess

    Its Role in Education and Development

    By Anthony D. Pellegrini

    Writing a book about recess could be a very questionable endeavor for a serious academic psychologist. At first blush it seems to be a pretty trivial topic. It's the time during the school day where there's a break from what's typically considered the most serious work of the day--reading, writing,…

    Paperback – 2005-06-10
    Psychology Press
    Developing Mind Series

  • The Cradle of Culture and What Children Know About Writing and Numbers Before Being

    By Liliana Tolchinsky

    This book provides a thrilling description of preliterate children's developing ideas about writing and numerals, and it illustrates well the many ways in which cultural artifacts influence the mind and vice versa. Remarkably, children treat writing and numerals as distinct even before they have…

    Paperback – 2003-01-01
    Psychology Press
    Developing Mind Series