Developing Organisational Consultancy provides consultants with theoretical and practical advice on how to handle typical consultancy challenges. Well-established organisational consultants from the UK and the USA offer descriptions of problems they have encountered in their work, theoretical and practical approaches that they have found helpful, cases from their actual practice, and advice about how to apply their suggested approach generally.
    Chapters are grouped together to address three key areas of interest to consultants:
    * evolving a professional stance
    * considering psychodynamic approaches
    * applying organisational theory.
    For both experienced and newly-practising organiszational and management consultants, this book is a valuable source of reference and the key to developing a more aware and successful practice.

    Howard Atkins, consultant, John Bazalgette, Grubb Institute, Dr Raphe Berenbaum, consultant, Dr Petruska Clarkson, consultant, Bill Critchley, Ashridge Consulting Group, Andraea Dawson-Shepherd, Hedron Consulting Ltd, Tom Gilmore, Center for Applied Research, USA, Richard Holti, Tavistock Institute, Jean Hutton, Grubb Institute, Kamil Kellner, South Bank University, Jane Linklater, consultant, C. Paul Lynch, consultant, Helena Memory, Hedron Consulting Ltd, Eric Miller, Tavistock Institute, Enid Mumford, Manchester University, Jean Neumann, Tavistock Institute, William Schneider, consultant psychologist, USA, David Wasdell, consultant, Dr Jon White, consultant


    Kamil Kellner, Andraea Dawson-Shepherd, Jean E. Neumann

    'The book comes from a particular approach which is characterised by the work of the Tavistock Institute in socio-technical systems and psychodynamics. For readers who are in tune with this approach this book will be essential; for others it will provide valuable learning concepts and case illustrations.' - David Coghlan, University of Dublin