1st Edition

Developing Practical Skills for Nursing Children and Young People

Edited By Alan Glasper, Marion Aylott, Cath Battrick Copyright 2010

    Clinical skills are essential to the practice of nursing and learning these skills requires a wealth of both factual knowledge and technical expertise. Supplementing practical teaching, Developing Practical Skills for Nursing Children and Young People is a comprehensive skills text that describes clinical skills in the style of a tutor teaching at the bedside. Each chapter presents the essential skills for practice in a step-by-step format alongside an evidence-based rationale—anticipating common problems and suggesting practical solutions.

    The book is essential reading for all student nurses working with child patients, as well as qualified paediatric nurses. It is also relevant to anyone assessing and planning care for an infant, child, or young person on the ward, clinic, or in the community. An accompanying website provides further reading lists, self-assessment questions, and PowerPoint presentations for each chapter.

    From fundamental care processes to advanced nursing skills, the book and website enables readers to make a smooth transition from learner to hands-on-nurse.

    Key Concepts in Undertaking Clinical Procedures with Children and Young People
    Clinical Holding of Children and Young People
    Safeguarding Children and Young People across the Age Continuum
    Communicating with Children and Young People in a Multicultural Healthcare Environment
    Promoting Family Health in Contemporary Healthcare
    Planning And Assessing the Care of Children and Young People
    Using Play in Healthcare Environments
    Fundamentals of Moving and Handling Children and Young People in Healthcare Settings
    Assessment and Vital Signs: A Comprehensive Review
    Medicines Administration
    Undertaking Emergency Life Support
    Personal Hygiene
    Providing Optimum Nutrition and Hydration
    Promoting Children's Continence
    Delivering Pre- and Post-Operative Care
    Elimination: Non-Invasive Renal Care
    Pain Assessment And Management
    Administration of Blood and Blood Products
    Skin Health Care
    The Management of the Child with an Allergy
    Non Invasive Respiratory Therapy
    Tracheostomy Care
    Caring for the Child Requiring Long-Term Ventilation
    Invasive Monitoring
    Invasive Respiratory Therapy
    Invasive Cardiovascular Support
    Caring for Children with Renal Disease
    Caring for Children Suffering From Burn Injuries
    Transporting and Transferring Sick Children and Young People
    Neonatal Care
    Managing Children and Young People with Mental Health Problems
    Developing Child Oncology Skills
    Orthopaedic Skills
    Care of the Child with Spinal Injury
    Venesection, Cannulation and the Care of Children Requiring IV Infusions
    Caring for Children with Life-Limiting Conditions
    Emotional Aspects of End of Life Care
    Developing Your Skills as a Mentor
    Developing Skills to Enhance the Quality of Care to Children, Young People and Their Families


    Alan Glasper, Professor of Children and Young Peoples Nursing, University of Southampton, UK
    Marion Aylott , Clinovia, UK

    Cathryn Battrick, Matron for Child Health, Southampton General Hosptial, UK