2nd Edition

Developing Readers in the Academic Disciplines

By Doug Buehl Copyright 2017

    Being literate in an academic discipline is more than being able to read and comprehend text; you can think, speak, and write as a historian, scientist, mathematician, or artist. Author Doug Buehl strips away the one-size-fits-all approach to content area literacy and presents an instructional model for disciplinary literacy, which honors the discipline and helps students learn within that area. In this revised second edition, Developing Readers in the Academic Disciplines shows how to help students adjust their thinking to comprehend a range of complex texts that fall outside their reading comfort zones. Inside you'll find:

    • Instructional tools that adapt generic literacy practices to discipline-specific variations
    • Strategies for frontloading instruction to activate and build background knowledge
    • New approaches for encouraging inquiry around disciplinary texts
    • In-depth exploration of the role of argumentation in informational text
    • Numerous examples from science, mathematics, history and social studies, English/language arts, and related arts to show you what vibrant learning looks like in various classroom settings

    Designed to be a natural companion to Buehl's Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning, Developing Readers in the Academic Disciplines introduces teachers from all disciplines to new kinds of thinking and, ultimately, teaching that helps students achieve new levels of understanding.

    Chapter 1: Mentoring Students in Disciplinary Literacy; Chapter 2: Teaching Comprehension of Complex Disciplinary Texts; Chapter 3: Teaching to the Match: Bridging Academic Knowledge Gaps; Chapter 4: Frontloading Instruction That Activates and Builds Academic Knowledge; Chapter 5: Building Inquiring Minds Around Disciplinary Texts; Chapter 6: Instructional Practices for Working Complex Disciplinary Texts; Chapter 7: Customizing Literacy Practices


    Doug Buehl was a teacher in the Madison Metropolitan School District in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, for 33 years and is currently a teacher, professional development leader, and adolescent literacy consultant.