1st Edition

Development Dilemmas

By Melvin Ayogu, Don Ross Copyright 2005
    280 Pages
    by Routledge

    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    It is widely believed that economic development in much of the world is not happening quickly enough. Indeed, the standard of living in some parts of the world has actually been declining. Many experts now doubt that the solution can be purely technical and economic; it must also be political and moral.

    This book brings together contributions from leading authorities, such as Joseph Stiglitz, Jean-Jacques Laffont and Daniel Hausman, on economics and political philosophy to survey current barriers to growth, including problems with policy and problems with concepts and thinking. Getting policies right, the contributors stress, is a complicated task in itself, but it also may not be enough; instead, people in both the developed and developing worlds may also need to reconsider basic and time-worn beliefs about facts, values, the measurement of data, rights, needs and the nature of government.

    Of interest to economics and policy makers, Development Dilemmas is a long-awaited addition to the debate over economics and political philosophy in the developing world.

    Introduction Don Ross and Melvin Ayogu

    Part One: General Perspectives

    1. Finance for Development Joseph Stiglitz

    2. Globalization: Less Than Meets The Ear? Robert Bates

    3. Philosophical Foundations of Normative Economics Daniel Hausman

    4. Development Theory and the Philosophies of Science Harold Kincaid

    5. The Political Economy of Statistical Evidence: Economic Data Problems in Developing Countries and Their Impact on Empirical Research Hashem Dezhbakhsh

    Part Two: Special Problems and Applications

    6. Regulation, Enforcement and Development Jean-Jacque Laffont

    7. Good Ideas and Human Welfare: Big Pharma v. the Developing Nations Alex Rosenberg

    8. The WTO, Unfair Trade and Development Don Ross

    9. The 'New (global) Economy' and Inequality in South Africa Nicola Nattrass and Jeremy Seekings

    Part Three: New Critical Perpectives

    10. The Political Philosophy of Needs and Weak States Lawrence Hamilton

    11. Modelling Human Behaviour: A Biological Perspective on the African Propect Mike Berger

    12. Afterward Melvin Ayogu and Don Ross


    Melvin Ayogu is Professor of Economics at the University of Cape Town and Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers. He has written numerous articles and book chapters in the areas of international finance, public finance, corporate finance, political economy and economic development
    Don Ross is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Professor of Economics at the University of Cape Town. He has published several books and numerous articles on the foundations of behavioural science, game theory and strategic dynamics in international trade.