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IMF Lending to Developing Countries Issues and Evidence

IMF Lending to Developing Countries: Issues and Evidence

1st Edition

By Graham Bird
January 23, 1995

As the linchpin of the global financial system, the International Monetary Fund provides the balance of payments support, chiefly to developing countries, conditional on strict remedial policy measures.Its approach to policy remains highly controversial, however. While the Fund claims it has ...

Managing Water as an Economic Resource

Managing Water as an Economic Resource

1st Edition

By James Winpenny
January 26, 1994

Water, already a scarce resource, is treated as though it were plentiful and free. The task of supplying enough water of the required quality to growing populations is straining authorities and governments to the limit as the economic and environmental costs of new supply sources escalate and ...

IMF Programmes in Developing Countries Design and Impact

IMF Programmes in Developing Countries: Design and Impact

1st Edition

By Tony Killick
October 24, 1995

The International Monetary Fund is the centre of a global financial system that encourages budgetary discipline and full integration into world trade to facilitate development and alleviate poverty. Yet this policy 'conditionality' of the IMF is highly controversial. Critics state that fifty years ...

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