1st Edition

Development, Regeneration and Plasticity of the Autonomic Nervous System

Edited By George Hendry, C.E. Hill Copyright 1992
    486 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Each volume in the Autonomic Nervous System series deals with a different area of autonomic control in health and disease. This, the second volume, provides an overview on the nature of the factors that exert constraints on the differentiation and maturation of the autonomic nervous system. Subjects covered include: development of autonomic neurones; molecules affecting nerve growth and survival; regeneration after injury; and the degree to which the wiring of the nervous system is rigid or fixed.

    Introduction 1 Establishment of the Form of the Peripheral Nervous System 2 Neural Crest Cell Differentiation 9 3 Cellular and Molecular Influences on Neurite Outgrowth 4 Connectivity in the Sympathetic Nervous System and Its Establishment during Development 5 Phenotype Specifying Factors and the Control of Neuronal Differentiation Decisions 6 Neuropeptide Regulation of Neuronal Development 7 Survival Factors for Autonomic Neurones 8 Methods and Applications of Neurotrophic Factor and Neurotrophic Factor Receptor Study; 9 Development and Ongoing Regulation of Synaptic Connections and Neuronal Morphology in Autonomic Ganglia 10 Response of Autonomic Neurones to Target Deprivation: Axotomy and Regeneration.


    George Hendry, C.E. Hill both Department of Neuroscience, John Curtin School of Medical Research Australian National University, Canberra.