1st Edition

Development and Structure of the Body Image Volume 2

By S. Fisher Copyright 1986
    556 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1986. This is volume 2 of Development and Structure o f the Body Image. Volume 1 presents a thorough review and analysis of the body image literature from 1969. The present volume details, in the main, research concerned with testing and evaluating a number of major theoretical concepts relating to body image which I have developed. The following major topics are considered: organization of the body image boundary; assignment of meaning to specific body areas; general body awareness; and distortions in body perception. The bibliography for all the work described in the two volumes is contained in this second volume.

    Part II The Body Boundary: Modulating Contact with the World; Chapter 8 Experiential and Filtering Aspects of the Body Boundary; Chapter 9 Communication and Intimacy; Chapter 10 Life Goals and Preferences; Chapter 11 Coping with Change, Threat, and Stress; Chapter 12 The Boundary and Somatic Response Patterns; Chapter 13 Deviant Behaviors; Chapter 14 Negative Findings; Chapter 15 New Perspectives and Ideas Concerning Boundary Functioning; Part III Patterns of Body Awareness; Chapter 16 New Findings Concerning the Body Landmark Signal System; Chapter 17 Body Prominence; Chapter 18 Speculations and Constructions;


    Seymour Fisher Upstate Medical Center, State University of New York