1st Edition

Development as Process Concepts and Methods for Working with Complexity

Edited By John Farrington, David Mosse, Alan Rew Copyright 1998

    Process" approaches to economic and social development appear to be more flexible and offer greater prospects of success than traditional "project" methods.
    Development as Process addresses the questions raised by the different natures of the two approaches. The authors examine development projects through experience in water resources development in India and in organizational learning by a Bangladeshi NGO. Inter-agency contexts are examined in the setting of an aquaculture project in Bangladesh and in the setting of agriculture and natural resources development in Rajisthan, India. Finally, the role of process monitoring is explained in the context of policy reform, with illustrations from forestry in India and land reform in Russia.

    Introduction; Chapter 1 Process-Oriented Approaches to Development Practice and Social Research, David Mosse; Chapter 2 Process Documentation Research and Process Monitoring, David Mosse; Part 1 Process Monitoring and Impact Assessment in Development Projects; Chapter 3 Part icipatory Water Resources Development in Western India, R. Part hasarathy, Sudarshan Iyengar; Chapter 4 An Evolutionary Approach to Organisational Learning, Rick Davies; Chapter 5 Impact Assessment, Process Projects and Output-to-Purpose Reviews, Anne Coles, Phil Evans, Charlotte Heath; Part 2 Process Monitoring in Inter-Agency Contexts; Chapter 6 Part nership as Process, David J. Lewis; Chapter 7 A Donor’s Perspective and Experience of Process and Process Monitoring, Ruth Alsop; Chapter 8 Process Monitoring and Inter-Organisational Collaboration in Indian Agriculture, John Farrington, Elon Gilbert, Rajiv Khandelwal; Part 3 Process Monitoring and Policy Reform; Chapter 9 The Resolution and Validation of Policy Reform, Alan Rew, Angelika Brustinow;


    David Mosse is Lecturer in Anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.,
    John Farrington is Research Fellow and Coordinator of the Natural Resources Group at the Overseas Development Institute, London.,
    Alan Rew is Professor of Development Policy and Planning and Director of the Centre for Development Studies at the University of Wales, Swansea.