1st Edition

Developmental Biology and Cancer

ISBN 9780849388699
Published September 27, 1993 by CRC Press
560 Pages

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Book Description

This book addresses possible analogies between cancer and developmental biology. An international group of experts provides a multidisciplinary approach, allowing biological or clinical scientists involved with cancer research to integrate specific information from diverse areas.

Five concepts of cancer are presented, and developmental biology is reviewed at five levels. These are integrated in discussions of failure in organisation as a basis of cancer and its control. The book will be a valuable reference for both newcomers as well as experienced biological and clinical scientists.


Table of Contents

The Concept of Cancer and Operational Conditions for Carcinogenesis: Pathology of Neoplasia: Morphological and Functional Attributes (H.G. Augustin-Voss and B.U. Pauli). Relative Malignancy and Ontogeny (C. Rowlatt). Epigenetic Nature of Neoplastic Transformation (H. Rubin). Linkages in the Control of Differentiation, Proliferation, and Anticancer/Cancer-Suppressor Activitiy: Defects in Carcinogenesis (R.E. Scott, S.P. Blatti, R. Parker, L.R. Solomon, C.-Y. Tzen, H. Wang, and M.M. Witte). Age-related Factors in Carcinogenesis (V.M. Dilman). Relevant Organizational Processes Revealed by Developmental Biology: Patterning and Morphogenesis and the Development of Organized Tissues (C. Tickle). Biology and Mechanisms of Tissue Interactions in Developing Systems (B.K. Hall). Cell Lineages, Fate Determination, and Differentiation Pathways (P.P.L. Tam). The Role of the Cytoskeleton in the Relationship Between Cell Shape, Gene Expression, and Morphogenesis (A. Ben Ze'ev). Mediators of Cell Growth and Differentiation (C.L. Mummery and P.T. van der Saag). Failure of Organizational Processes as a Basis of Neoplastic Behavior and Its Control: Genetics of Cancer Predisposition (M.F. Hansen). Physiological Roles of Oncogenes in Development and Neoplasia (M. Donovan, S. Demczuk, G. Franklin, and R. Ohlsson). Invasiveness in Development and Neoplasia (M. Mareel, F. Van Roy, P. De Baetselier, and L. Vakaet). Dysfunction of Regulatory Tissue Interactions (G.M. Hodges). Differentiation Therapy of Cancer (S.T.A. Malik). Genetic Intervention in the Control of Neoplasia (I. Magrath, K. Bhatia, and B. Huber).

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